Liberate your astral body and experience a heightened state of consciousness.

Could astral projection be the key to the next stage in human evolution? Read on and discover how you too can achieve this life-changing spiritual experience.

astral projection

If I told you I could help you experience the next stage in human evolution right now… would you jump at the chance?

If I could show you a way to tap into a power beyond your physical body, and feel your limitless potential… would you want to learn it?

Millions of people across the world are waking up to an exhilarating fact: that we are far more than just our physical bodies.

The secret lies in a state of consciousness known as astral projection (or an out-of-body experience). A state that you too can achieve–once you know how.

What your consciousness and a rocket ship have in common.

Just like an intergalactic rocket ship, your consciousness is designed for boundless exploration. Pure consciousness is not limited by time or space–and through astral projection, you can project your awareness to any time, place and source of wisdom on the planet. Or even different parts of the galaxy.

Imagine being able to see the Pyramids as they were being built. Picture yourself soaring through out-of-this-world astral realms where the rules of physics no longer apply. Or how about tapping into an endless well of intuition, creativity and knowledge, and having the most profound spiritual experience of your life?

The idea behind this phenomenon is that all living beings possess an astral body. People who astral project claim this astral body is connected to the physical body through the umbilicus (your belly button) along what is known as the silver cord.

When your astral body leaves your physical body, you are astral projecting–and this has been happening to people all over the world for centuries. Now before I show you how you can do this too, it’s important that you understand…

The single biggest misconception people have about astral projection.

Many people associate out-of-body experiences with coming close to death–but in reality we can experience these instances with other methods, such as during sedated surgery, dreaming as we sleep, and most importantly during deep meditation or hypnosis.

Why is that last part the most important? Because having an out of body experience during meditation or hypnosis is not only the safest method but once mastered–it also provides the most control.

Using meditation or hypnosis, you can achieve an out-of-body experience whenever and however you want. Think of it like having your own personal rocket ship, waiting to take you on an exhilarating adventure at the drop of a hat.

A mysterious phenomenon documented for centuries.

Since the beginning of time, astral projection has been documented by countless civilizations, from the Egyptians to the Greek Philosophers to the North American Indians. Despite existing centuries apart, each account shares the same message: that it’s possible for a person to leave their body, and experience something beyond the physical realm.

Fast forward to today, and it’s clear that similar experiences continue to be reported–and are actually on the rise. In fact based on over 60 scientific studies, 10 – 20 percent of the modern world’s population has had a conscious out-of-body experience at some point in their lives.

`Out-of-body or all in mind?` by Marnie Chesterton, BBC News

Many people have either consciously or unconsciously achieved this state–and by following the right steps, it could be the most spiritually astounding experience you can have in your lifetime.


1. Talbot, Michael. The Holographic Universe. 1991.
2. Schmicker, Michael. Best Evidence. 2002.
3. Monroe, Robert. Ultimate Journey. 1994.
4. Moroe, Robert. Far Journeys. 1985.

The most comprehensive training package in Astral Projection on the market.

Astral Projection Experiences

Steve G. Jones has just produced the most comprehensive training package in Astral Projection on the market. Second to none.

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Astral Projection Experiences

I want to experience obes purposefully, rather than randomly.

I believe that these experiences can help to empower one’s life and feelings of control over it.

So far I have found Steve G. Jones’ program to be the most thorough, comfortable, easy experiences ever! His demeanor, voice, attitude and approach to astral travel are both matter of fact and enthusiastic. I look forward to the time I spend each day and evening listening to the instructional CDs and deep hypnosis experience.

While I have not yet conquered astral travel, I believe with practice and the use of this series I absolutely will.

I would definitely recommend this product! Not only do I believe that this program represents the best information available about astral travel, but that Steve’s sincerity and gentle guidance are exactly what anyone needs to be able to achieve the experience promised.

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Hold on a second, who am I to be telling you all this?

My name is Dr.Steve G. Jones (M. Ed.). I’m a clinical hypnotherapist, and I know a thing or two about astral projection. I’ve coached thousands of people in my career, from everyday folks to Hollywood celebrities to hotshot CEOs. I am the President of the American Alliance of Hypnotists, and have authored 22 books on the subject (including the Amazon bestseller You Can Attract It).

And it all started when I was a kid with a hunch that there’s more to the world than meets the eye. You know the feeling, right?

I was obsessed with books on hypnosis and mind power. When other kids were out playing, I was studying. And by the time I hit 15, I already had working knowledge of the powers and applications of hypnosis.

But when I turned 17 and joined military school, something extraordinary happened…

You see I had always wanted to travel and see the wonders of the world. But unfortunately, I just didn’t have the money or time.

But I did find the next best thing. Using the sheer power of my mind, I was able for the first time ever to project my consciousness to wherever I wanted to go.

The experience was clear and vivid. I found myself gliding past the Taj Mahal. Exploring the Pyramids of Egypt. Gazing in wonder at the Eiffel Tower.

I was astral projecting.


I spent the next 25 years refining this skill, and sharing it with a growing group of students worldwide.

And In this time I discovered that the best way to experience astral projection is through a combination of meditation and hypnosis.

I am the only person in the world who uses this particular method of astral projection training. And after training thousands of people from all walks of life with it, I believe it’s the easiest, most effective and most consistent method of astral projecting I have found.

In the next few lines I’m going to share my method with you so you can judge it for yourself. But first let me tell you about…

The 5 surprising benefits of astral projection.

You may have read stories, met people who do it, or even experienced it yourself. But few people realize that astral projection in its purest form allows you to…

Embark on the ultimate spiritual experience.

Since the beginning of civilization, mankind has relied on second-hand wisdom and dogmatic religious books to help us understand the nature of reality and consciousness. But astral projection changes that–because when you’re able to separate your consciousness from your body, you get firsthand experience of life beyond the physical.

In this state you are able to see, feel and experience things most other people can barely even imagine. In doing so your consciousness will be raised, your negative energy will be at a minimum, and you will become aware of something far greater than yourself.

You’ll feel a sense of calm and acceptance wash over you. And the fear of death and uncertainty will no longer affect you . You become liberated in every sense of the word.

Evolve your natural psychic skills.

When you astral project, you have the option to tap into the Akashic Records–a universal source of infinite wisdom. This gives you a strong psychic compass that helps you detect hidden information, make important decisions and come up with innovative solutions to challenges.

Even if you’ve never considered yourself intuitive or psychically gifted, astral projection opens up a whole new sense you never knew you had. Imagine the benefits this will bring to your career, finances, relationships and health.

And once you get a taste of it, you’ll realize it’s just as valuable or even more so than your existing 5 senses.

Live a life of breathtaking adventure.

Astral projection empowers you to visit any place at any time–on this planet or beyond–in the blink of an eye.

What would it be like to explore an alternate plane of existence with purple skies and zero gravity? How would it feel to zip straight up Mount Everest, swim through space or even travel to the year 3000 to observe the future of human civilization?

You can even use astral projection to visit friends and family that have passed on. Or embark on inspiring astral adventures that leave you with profound creative ideas and visions. The possibilities are endless, and so are the practical applications.

Raise your energetic frequency.

Many people who astral project report a tingling sensation in their body. This is because their energetic frequency is vibrating at an increasingly higher rate. Spiritual leaders like Christie Marie Sheldon, Burt Goldman and David & Kristin Morelli often talk about this.

When your vibrations increase, you will experience a deep sense of calm, an unbreakable positive state of mind and a natural magnetism for people and objects with similarly high vibrations.

In other words you’ll be able to create your ideal inner and outer reality on autopilot, without the usual struggles or willpower battles.

Become a master manifester.

Many people fail to use the Law of Attraction not because they’re not trying hard enough – but because they’re not in the right mental, emotional and spiritual state.

Astral projection solves this problem by opening your eyes to your limitless potential, and enhancing your self-awareness, spiritual connection and belief system.

The result? You’ll be able to infuse your intentions with strong positive energy, and start manifesting the outcomes, things and people you want in your life.

The 7-Step Astral Projection Blueprint:

1. Relax

Relaxation is a crucial first step, and you accomplish this through specific breathing techniques designed to guide you into a deeper level of mind.

2. Prepare your spirit

Next you must prepare your spirit by cleansing it of any negative energy. This is done through an exercise known as the Body Cylinder Technique.

3. Protect yourself

You need protection before venturing into the astral realms. In this step I will show you how to surround your astral body with a protective white light that repels any unwanted energies.

4. Prepare to raise your kundalini

Your kundalini is the natural energy of your self. Before raising it, you must first clear your chakras, which are the 7 energy centers in your body.

5. Energize your astral body

Once your chakras are cleared, you are free to raise your kundalini. This in turn energizes your astral body and prepares you for an exhilarating and vivid astral journey.

6. Prepare your mind

Your mind is a crucial aspect of successful astral projection. Here I will show you immersive self-hypnosis techniques to get you in the right frame of mind.

7. Astral project!

When your mind, body and spirit are aligned, you’re ready to astral project. In this final step I will guide you through the necessary motions to induce a successful astral journey.

Now that you know the steps, let’s move on to the next part: how I take you through them:

The Astral Projection Training Trifecta

The above 7 steps would be powerless without specific tools, techniques and technologies that help you go through each of them. In my training curriculum I leverage on 3 unique pillars that give you an effortless learning experience:

Astral Projection Mind Exercises

From relaxation to getting you in the right frame of mind, I’ve created a variety of powerful and enjoyable exercises that prepare your conscious mind for perfect astral projection. These help you stay focused, so you can quickly enter a state of astral projection.


Leveraging on my expertise as a clinical hypnotherapist, I invented Hypnotranquility technology to program your subconscious mind for deep astral journeys, without potentially damaging subconscious interference. You’ll enjoy smooth, consistent and resistance-free astral journeys, time and time again.


Developed with ProTools Certified Sound Engineers, this technology fuses elements of binaural beats and neurolinguistic programming into one easy-to-use audio package. Just press play, and the audio will condition your conscious and subconscious mind for a positive mind, body and spirit on autopilot.

I believe what makes my method unique is the fact that I combine all these technologies to induce your astral experience–and you’re about to experience it firsthand with…


Dr. Steve G Jones, Ed.D.’s Explorations

A complete training system for astral projection mastery.

Available EXCLUSIVELY on this site, Explorations is a multimedia home training program that guides you through every step for having an out-of-body experience, and the supporting concepts for taking your practice to the next level.

In a nutshell, here’s what you’re getting:

  • Astral Projection Mind Exercises that guide your mind and body into an ideal state for deep, immersive astral journeys.
  • Eye-opening lessons that help you understand the essential concepts behind astral projection, and get better results in the process.
  • Mind-blowing Hypnotranquility Hypnosis Sessions that automatically program your subconscious for optimal astral projection.
  • Powerful Titanium Audios that prepare you for immersive astral journeys at the push of a button.
  • Fascinating case studies that will help you realize the sheer possibilities of astral projection, and inspire you to achieve more.

The program is divided into two parts, with a total of 23 audio modules:


Explorations Beyond The Body (14 audio modules)

The first part of the program trains you to have consistent, enjoyable and profound astral journeys. You’ll learn the science behind astral projection, essential astral projection tips, and of course the 7-Step Astral Projection Blueprint. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced astral projector in search of a stronger foundation, you’ll find a treasure trove of tools, exercises and lessons for getting the most out of your practice.

Module 1: Getting Started

An essential introductory module covering the first steps to successful astral projection. Highlights include:

  • The ideal astral setting – How to create a special space for practicing astral projection so that the process is always streamlined perfectly.
  • Going deeper within – How to enter the optimum level of consciousness for perfect astral projection, so you remain perpetually focused.
  • Separating mind from body – What you must do to safely liberate your consciousness from your body for consistently successful astral projection.

Module 2: The Art of Breathing

You’ll be surprised at how important your breathing is to your astral projection success. Highlights include:

  • Basic breathing methods – Step-by-step instructions for breathing into a state of deep relaxation, which allows for a more focused astral journey.
  • Advanced breathing methods – Discover powerful breathing techniques for even better focus, concentration and projection energy.
  • Astral Protection – How to spiritually cleanse and protect yourself from elementals and dark entities (don’t worry, they can’t harm you!).

Module 3: Working with your Energy

Your energy levels must remain high in order to experience a positive astral journey. Highlights include:

  • Energy 101 – What exactly is energy and why is it so important to astral projection? The answer will surprise you.
  • Focusing your energy – How to cleanse your body and mind of all distractions and create the perfect mind-state for astral projection.
  • The power of energy restoration – Effective methods for raising and storing energy so you can enjoy longer astral journeys.

Module 4: Clearing your Chakras

Your chakras are the energy centers in your body, and keeping them energized is crucial. Highlights include:

  • Your chakras and your body – Why it’s impossible to astral project until you align your chakras.
  • Fixing your emotions – Techniques for controlling your emotions through your chakras.
  • Chakras and mental health – Miss this crucial step, and your journey will never begin.

Module 5: Raising your Kundalini

Your kundalini, or your inner energy, is a silent force that greatly influences your reality. Highlights include:

  • The kundalini mystery – Why most people never realize the importance of their kundalini (and how you can).
  • Unleashing your kundalini – How to tap into and energize this crucial power source for better astral projection.
  • Kundalini activation techniques – Discover 4 powerful techniques for instantly energizing your kundalini.

Module 6: A State of Trance

The state of trance is an altered state of consciousness for gaining crystal clear focus. Highlights include:

  • Understanding the trance state – How to enter a trance across a variety of brainwaves, from alpha to theta to delta.
  • Sleeping while awake – How to achieve the impossible through the method of Dynamic Dormant Consciousness.
  • Absolute mental clarity – A step-by-step exercise for achieving laser-sharp clarity before and after your astral journey.

Module 7: Binaural Tones Hypnosis Session

An immersive Hypnotranquility™ session for entering a deeper, more relaxed state of mind.

Module 8: Becoming Fearless

One of the most useful applications of astral projection is to overcome stubborn mental and physical fears. Highlights include:

  • Thought Erasing – How to stay perfectly relaxed throughout your entire out of body experience.
  • Eliminating negative thoughts – A technique for unearthing hidden negative subconscious thoughts that hold you back in the astral and physical worlds.
  • Overcoming fear – A guide to confronting and finally overcoming common fears like the fear of death, flying, heights, cramped spaces, etc.

Module 9: Preparing for Lift Off

A final set of tools and lessons to use before your first astral journey. Highlights include:

  • The Astral Experience – Prepare yourself for what astral projection will look and feel like as your astral body leaves your physical body.
  • Astral Timing – How does time work in the astral realm? Learn all about Reality Fluctuations and real-time zones.
  • The Return Journey – How to safely return to your physical body, time and time again.

Module 10: Your First Astral Journey

What should you do, think and look out for on your first astral journey? Highlights include:

  • Astral etiquette – Just like the real world, certain rules apply in the astral realms. Find out what they are.
  • Frequently Asked Questions – A useful FAQ that answers some of the most burning questions from first-time astral adventurers.
  • Staying focused – Essential exercises to keep you focused and grounded so you can enjoy a stable astral journey.

Module 11: Enhancing your Journey

Overcoming fear, knowing what to expect and staying calm are essential to a good astral experience. Highlights include:

  • The importance of your brow chakra – Understand the significant role your brow chakra plays in your astral experience, and how to energize it.
  • Loosening your astral body – Learn the popular ‘Rope Technique’ for keeping your astral body loose and relaxed.
  • Astral bravery – Discover the most common fears on the astral planes, and how you can stay immune to them.

Module 12: The Power of Beliefs

Your beliefs greatly influence the nature of your astral journeys. What beliefs do you have? Highlights include:

  • Meeting astral entities – What you must do to communicate with other entities on the astral planes, and magnify your experience.
  • Avoiding physical distractions – Many people get distracted by physical obstacles as they astral project. Here’s how to avoid it.
  • Shifting your perspective – This simple mind tweak helps calm your fears and relieves your intense emotions.

Module 13: Experiencing Astral Sex

Yes, you can have sex on the astral planes. And yes, it will be one of the most electrifying experiences of your life. Highlights include:

  • How to do it – What astral sex is like, how it’s different from physical sex, and how to do it with morals.
  • Moving around the astral plane – Want to visit a specific place in the astral realm? This exercise acts as your GPS.
  • Astral troubleshooting – Struggling to get the best possible experience? Your solutions are in this guide.

Module 14: Astral Clarity Hypnosis Session

An immersive Hypnotranquility(tm) session for instantly boosting your astral projection skills.


Explorations Intensive (9 audio modules)

Once you’re able to astral project at will, the second part of the program will equip you with the skills and knowledge to take your experience to the next level. Here you’ll learn advanced concepts like creative visualization, how to read the Akashic Records, auras and psychic powers, all of which will enhance your astral journeys and your physical life.

Module 15: Deep Relaxation Titanium Audio Session

A powerful 45-minute Titanium Audio(tm) session for you to listen to as you explore Part 2 of the program. Relaxes your mind and enhances your mind’s ability to absorb knowledge.

Module 16 & 17: Mastering Creative Visualization

Creative visualization is one of the most effective and easy-to-learn methods for enhancing astral projection. Highlights include:

  • Visualization exercises – A collection of engaging exercises for enhancing your out of body experiences.
  • Accessing your inner imagination – Manifest mind-blowing ideas and engineer your ideal life through the technique of Elevated Level Imagination Mastery.
  • Understanding your dreams – An easy-to-use guide for understanding what your dreams mean to your physical and astral realities.

Module 18 & 19: The Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are a source of universal wisdom and knowledge in the astral realms – and with the right training you can access them. Highlights include:

  • Understanding the Records – Discover the mysterious origins of the Akashic Records, and how they can help you in every area of your life.
  • The Akashic Rules – Discover the do’s and don’ts of the Akashic Records, and why it’s crucial that you follow the rules.
  • Predicting the future – Where will you be in 10 years? Who will you be with? Learn to use the Akashic Records to peek into your future.

Module 20 & 21: Reading Auras

Every person has their own unique aura representing their energy and true nature, and with a little practice you can read them. Highlights include:

  • Instant Aura Reading – Discover the secret techniques to see auras on command and gain the knowledge to diagnose people.
  • Reading people – Gain hidden insights about your family, friends, co-workers, even strangers based on their auras.
  • Aura Healing – Learn to promote change in others to heal and help them improve their quality of life.

Module 22 & 23: Awakening your Psychic Abilities

We are all born with a natural sixth sense, just waiting to be awakened and used. Highlights include:

  • The Pendulum Technique – An immensely powerful tool for reading a person’s subconscious mind.
  • Impacting the future – Techniques for understanding the future and how you can positively influence it.
  • Uncovering hidden messages – How to interpret your subconscious whisperings and know yourself better.

3 reasons you’ll LOVE Explorations

You’ll experience the effortlessness of subconscious programming.

Hypnosis is one of the most effective ways to alter your belief system because it works on a subconscious level. And when it comes to astral projection, it’s critical to work within the subconscious since you are attempting to learn something highly foreign to your conscious mind. I’ll do all the hard work, which means the experience for you will be incredibly simple and straightforward.

You’ll get a state-of-the-art learning experience.

Unlike other astral projection products which consist of a rookie instructor sitting in a room with a microphone and a recorder telling you to relax, these recordings have been mastered by ProTools Certified Sound Engineers (whose resumes include feature films and professional bands). What this means to you is an immersive learning experience that utilizes some of today’s most powerful technologies.

You’ll be kept safe and comfortable at all times.

Do an online search for astral projection, and you’ll find countless ebooks and programs going for dirt cheap. But while these materials may give you the basics of astral projection, they fail to mentally and spiritually prepare you for it. My holistic approach guarantees a lasting, profound and most importantly safe experience, time and time again.

Okay, so let’s talk about money.

Astral Projection is not something you can master by reading a book. You need professionally constructed exercises and tools that condition not just your mind, but your subconscious mind and your spirit. This is precisely why it’s so hard to find a solution that just works.

Good instructors know this, and they tend to charge upwards of $1,000 for a seminar ticket. I personally charge this much for an hour-long private session.

But my goal with Explorations is to put astral projection in the hands of as many people as possible. Because I believe we’re at a tipping point. More and more people are waking up to this ability, and to what I consider to be the next stage in human evolution.

For me, it’s not about the money anymore. It’s about my mission to help you ride this wave. So the home training program won’t cost you anywhere near $1,000, even though it’s the equivalent of at least 23 hours with me (that’s $23,000 in private sessions).

And no, it won’t even cost you $800, or $600, or even $300. The entire 23-module multimedia home training program is yours for as low as $199 for the digital version. That’s as low an investment as you’ll ever find for this standard of content–in this universe or in any other!


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Explorations is the most popular Astral Projection training material I have ever produced–and to celebrate this relaunching of it, I’ll give you an exclusive 25% discount when you order.

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Why am I doing this? Consider it an incentive to get started on your journey. You see I want this material to get into as many hands as possible, because I believe Astral Projection is the key to riding the wave of awakening sweeping across the planet. And once you learn it, your life will change for the better.

So enjoy the discount, and please spread the word to your friends, family and co-workers. They’ll thank you for it.

Dr. Steve G Jones, Ed.D. Explorations

Digital Collection

No shipping. Ideal for iPod or .mp3 listeners. Simply download the modules straight to your computer, and start listening within seconds.

With the Digital Collection, you’re given access to download the content of each and every Dr. Steve G Jones, Ed.D. Explorations disc. You can then play them on your computer, or on the go with your iPod, .mp3 player. You can even burn them onto a CD for safekeeping. I won’t ship you any CDs.

Physical Collection

Get all 23 Dr. Steve G Jones, Ed.D. Explorations CDs shipped to you anywhere in the world.

The Physical Collection gives you unbeatable convenience and ease. The 23 Dr. Steve G Jones, Ed.D. Explorations CDs, beautifully packaged in high quality materials will be delivered straight to your doorstep – no matter where you are in the world. On top of that, you’ll also be given access to the Digital Collection download page, so you can absorb Astral Projection through your iPod or .mp3 player.

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Download the Dr. Steve G Jones, Ed.D. Explorations audio and get the CDs delivered to your doorstep, all in one complete package.

With the Digital+ Physical Collection, you get access to ALL the Astral Projection modules and bonuses through our secure membership site. You can download the audio and load them onto your iPod, play them from your computer, or burn them onto a CD. PLUS I’ll ship you the entire collection (anywhere)!

How to use Explorations

The program is divided into lecture tracks and mind/hypnosis exercises.

Listen to the lecture tracks when jogging, while in your car during a commute, on the subway or bus or plane. Pop the tracks onto your iPod, iPad or multimedia player and take them wherever you go.

With Explorations you’ll actually look forward to your long commute. Imagine that!

Listen to the mind and hypnosis exercises at home or work, when you’re seated in a comfortable position. They will guide you into a deep, relaxing state of mind that makes astral projection almost effortless. You will want to do this daily, as it’s as pleasurable as taking a nice hot bath or receiving a wonderful massage.

Dr. Steve G Jones, Ed.D. Ironclad Triple Guarantee

Three bulletproof promises for your absolute satisfaction.

Awesome Quality

The sheer quality of every lesson, every technique and every exercise will exceed your every expectation. Even the packaging and the online membership area have been crafted with the greatest of care.

Awesome Results

Upon using Explorations, you’ll notice virtually instant results that will only get better in the coming days, weeks and months. Remember you can also write to me at any time for guidance and tips.

Awesome Impact on your life

Explorations will turn you into an astral projection pro, and spark profound positive changes in your mind, body and spirit.

I’m serious about my promises. If for any reason the program doesn’t live up to any of these points, just return it within 90 days of your date of purchase for a full and friendly refund.

Want a bonus? How about 4 of them?

Bonus 1: Astral Projection Secrets Revealed
(35-page ebook)

This page-turner is an essential resource for fascinating and useful astral projection tips and facts. It’s the perfect complement to the program, and I recommend reading it before getting started.

Highlights include:

  • The 4 keys to successful astral projection: learn what they are and how to cultivate them.
  • The Rope Technique for inducing visualization and enhancing astral projection.
  • The 3 most common mistakes you must avoid before you can astral project.

Bonus 2: Astral Viewing Secrets Revealed
(35-page ebook)

Go from astral apprentice to astral expert in record time. This ebook will teach you the astounding skill of astral viewing, which allows you to locate anyone and anything, anywhere and anytime in the physical world.

Highlights include:

  • Astral viewing vs remote viewing? The key difference between these seemingly similar skills.
  • The 7 Planes of Existence and how you can travel to each of them.
  • The shocking history of remote viewing–and why it’s so important to astral viewing and projection.

Bonus 3: Extended Advanced Astral Projection in Theta Module (audio relaxation exercise)

Feel waves of tranquility wash over your body as this audio relaxation exercise guides you into a rejuvenating state of meditation.

Your subconscious will translate the stereo frequencies into theta brain waves as you listen to the track–which melts away stress, enhances intuition and creativity, and calms your wandering conscious mind.

Bonus 4: Extended Astral Projection Meditation Session with Binaural Tones (subconscious audio exercise)

Subliminal recordings are a wonderful way to deliver a positive message to your subconscious mind without your conscious mind being aware of the actual words spoken. As relaxing music wafts through your ears, you will be programmed to be able to astral project easily and effortlessly.

This track is also an excellent troubleshooter should you have any difficulty with astral projecting. Just listen to it once to reap the benefits.

Now I need you to be very, very honest with me…

Do you want to experience what many refer to as “the ultimate spiritual awakening”?

Do you have a strong desire to transcend your current physical environment?

Do you long to feel more connected to the collective consciousness and the Universe?

Do you have a thirst for out-of-this-world adventure and exploration?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then the answer is clear: you must take the steps to master this life-changing skill today…

And start changing your life both inside and out.

Astral projection is real. It’s within your grasp. And millions upon millions of people are waking up to it every day.

I’m offering you the tools. You know what you must do. The only question is, are you ready to discover the next stage of human evolution?

The journey of a lifetime awaits.

Why am I giving you a 25% discount?

Consider it an incentive to stop procrastinating, and start mastering astral projection TODAY. Millions of people across the world are waking up to this life-changing experience, and I want YOU to be a part of the revolution. Just place your order for any version of the program and you’ll automatically get your 25% discount. That’s a huge saving of up to $100.

Take advantage of our 60 Day Guarantee and experience the power of Astral Projection today!


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The Bottom Line: Don’t forget, this is the only hypnosis program on the planet that will cover astral projection at such a deep level and enable you to learn everything from creative visualization to reading the Akashic records in the astral planes. Beware of cheap imitations.

And remember, you have absolutely nothing to lose except the chance to capitalize on a great opportunity. You can always try the program for a full 12 weeks with no risk. We always honor our guarantee.

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Trusted Name

Dr. Steve G Jones, Ed.D. is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, M.Ed., the President of the American Alliance of Hypnotists, the author of 22 books on hypnotherapy, and has been practicing safe hypnotherapy and astral projection for decades. You’re in safe hands.

An Optimized Training Curriculum

The astral projection techniques you’re about to learn are based on years of research and fine tuning. From extensive scientific study comes powerful technologies such as Hypnotranquility and Titanium Audio to bring out your natural ability to astral project.

Advanced Spiritual Exercises

From meditation to hypnosis to powerful subconscious exercises, Explorations gives you a host of profound learning experiences that will energize your mind, body and soul.

A Community Of Growth And Support – Join the Astral Projection community

Connect, learn and even astral project with our global community of enthusiasts through our membership area and Facebook pages. We’ve got over 11,562 members just waiting to meet you.

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  • The Bottom Line: Don’t forget, this is the only hypnosis program on the planet that will cover astral projection at such a deep level and enable you to learn everything from creative visualization to reading the Akashic records in the astral planes. Beware of cheap imitations.

    And remember, you have absolutely nothing to lose except the chance to capitalize on a great opportunity. You can always try the program for a full 12 weeks with no risk. We always honor our guarantee.

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