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It’s simply the best program on Astral Projection that I have ever found!

I had an astral projection years earlier but, I didn’t understand what was happening. When the astral projection occurred, I was about a thousand feet above the ground flying like Superman. I felt like I didn’t have any control and I freaked out which ended my astral projection. I have always wanted to experience it again, only this time, with control. It’s an experience one never forgets.

Since using the program, I have also acquired other things like more mental relaxation, focus, psychic phenomena or just knowing. It seems to open the mind to other natural talents.

Steve G. Jones has a voice that is very easy to listen to which is a big plus for me. I can focus on what he’s saying rather than trying to figure out what the last couple of words were that he said. It’s like he’s sitting directly across from me. His directions are very detailed and simple.

It’s simply the best program on astral projection that I have ever found and I’ve been looking for many years.

I believe our main purpose of life is to learn and with the exploration program, the learning is only limited by yourself. I think it’s a must have for those who explore life looking for answers.

I find Steve G. Jones to be an excellent instructor!

~ John

This product is absolutely, positively awesome!

My goal for using Steve G. Jones Explorations Program was to experience a type of freedom that my physical body doesn’t allow me and open me up to new worlds as well as new experiences. The way that the Steve G. Jones Explorations has improved my life by giving me the knowledge that although my physical body has limitations but my astral one doesn’t and the sense of freedom without those limitations. I can’t begin to describe what it feels when I started my training. It had given me a sense that nothing is impossible even in my physical body. Although I am still learning something new every day, as an inspiring writer, I look forward to those lessons and the inspirations that will come from them for future stories that I plan to write one day.

I would highly recommend this program to someone else because if you really put the effort into learning what Steve is teaching you will find worlds opening up to you that you never know existed before.

I’ve only had the pleasure of having Steve G. Jones Explorations Program and I think that his product is absolutely, positively awesome! I never regret getting and I really look forward to the advanced program for astral projection.

~ Joangenira

I believe that this program represents the best information available about astral travel.

Astral projection Experiences

I want to experience obes purposefully, rather than randomly. I believe that these experiences can help to empower one’s life and feelings of control over it.

So far I have found Steve G. Jones’ program to be the most thorough, comfortable, easy experiences ever! His demeanor, voice, attitude and approach to astral travel are both matter of fact and enthusiastic. I look forward to the time I spend each day and evening listening to the instructional cds and deep hypnosis experience.

While I have not yet conquered astral travel, I believe with practice and the use of this series I absolutely will.

I would definitely recommend this product! Not only do I believe that this program represents the best information available about astral travel, but that Steve’s sincerity and gentle guidance are exactly what anyone needs to be able to achieve the experience promised.

I absolutely love them!

~ Aradia

This is the most reliable source for Astral Projection!

Astral projection Experiences

I noticed sincerity, dedication, generosity & focusing on the others’ benefit since the first live seminar I attended online. I would say with confidence: you guys are in safe hands!

This is the most reliable source for Astral Projection. Program works effectively, Steve G. Jones is solidly great & his products do really work.

~ Ahmed

The most comprehensive training package in Astral Projection on the market.

Astral Projection Experiences

Steve G. Jones has just produced the most comprehensive training package in Astral Projection on the market. Second to none.

Thank you Steve G. Jones and thank you Mind Valley for sponsoring him. I would recommend Steve G. Jones Explorations Program, which I own to anyone.

~ Sid Oly

I´m very grateful for all extra advice/information that Steve G. Jones has included in the CDs – that are not just for Astral Projection but for life.

Astral projection Experiences

My goal is to be able to astral project consciously. I take my time to do this and so I have not yet been able to go through all the CD:s since I find the material so valuable that I want to listen to each one several times before I go to the next.

I´m very grateful for all extra advice/information that Steve G Jones has included in the CDs – that are not just for Astral Projection but for life.

So I will come back to you later when I have gone through all the CDs and also finished my first Astral Projection.

Yes absolutely. He knows what he is talking about and he has done it himself so he is trustworthy. He is serious and he is a very good teacher.

I have bought NLP Practioner, Master, Trainer, Astral Projection as well as a lot of Platinum downloads.

I come back with my comments after I have done the NLP and Astral Projection courses.

Re: the Platinum records I find them very good so far – I have a lot more to download – but a little too long. I would have preferred them to be around max 30-40 minutes.

I am working as a hypnotherapist/coach and healer and I find Steve G Jones very serious, trustworthy and a really good hypnotherapist and teacher.

~ Ulla-Britt Nyberg

I’m using Steve G. Jones Explorations Program and I consider it Phenomenal!

Astral Projection Experiences

I wouldn’t call it my goal since I’ve being sensing the need in me to discover the freedom of living life thoroughly, and I consider Astral Projection very exciting, and also a very important topic to focus on to improve very important aspects of the human being . Having said that, I started using The Astral Projection Program by Steve G. Jones more than a week ago and I think it is phenomenal! Steve G. Jones is really prepared to teach about this phenomenon and how to get to master Astral Projection the safest way possible. He also gives very good advices on how to move on to improve our spirituality which is a very important aspect in one’s life, a very important concept that we should take into account, and that we always feel the need to consider it, in one way or another, in most of the circumnstances in life, if not in all of them. I haven’t had any deep experience yet using this program since I’ve being practicing very little, but I get to relaxed easily every time I practice, which is a very good thing; and I know that I’m going to have those experiences, I can feel it, since I’m looking forward to continue with the program. Thank you! P.S I forgot to say that I’ve had two or three involuntary awakening in the Astral Plane, and that gives me an idea of how wonderful it is to travel with my Astral Body in The Fourth Dimension. That is one of the biggest reasons why I purchased this program: I want to master Astral Project at will, and I’m very happy with the program!

Absolutely! This Program it’s not only for Astral Projection but to improve our lives in many aspects. This is my humble opinion, and I’m only a student of Astral Projection!

I’m using Steve G. Jones Explorations Program and I consider it Phenomenal!

~ Julio Montero

With Steve G. Jones program learnt technique how to experience astral projection anytime I want.

Using Steve G Jones Explorations Program was successful.

I had my first astral projection when I was 17 old but I was scared and think, I was witch. Since then sometimes O.B.E happen to me but never fly out from my house.

With Steve’s program I fly far away and got technique how to use astral projection anytime I want.

~ Gerard Osando

I was able to float out of my body

It’s now about 4 months now since i started the course, I really putted lots of hours into it without real results and was almost thinking on giving up on it. So then yesterday you send me this dream technique, I thought well lets try it one more time. I played the binaural tape and started repeating mentally I will astral project now and as so many times before I got into a sleep paralyze, feeling some vibrations but didn’t got any further. When the tape started repeating it self I stopped it a bit disappointed. as the sleep paralyze leafs me quiet tired I turned on my side and wanted to rest a bit.

I felt I was going to fall a sleep quickly so I repeated again mentally I will astral project now. I don’t know how many minutes it took but suddenly the sleep paralyze entered again and also the vibrations. But this time they didn’t stop, it went just beyond it and before I knew what was happening I felt my feet rising up and so on with the rest of my body. It was an amazing feeling and I am so happy and grateful I tried that one more time. now I now that all those month of meditating have not been for nothing. Totally trilled and in awe I continue now. Thanks Steve!!

~ Warner

I overcome my fears!

Working with Steve was a fabulous experience. He helped me overcome my fears and move on more successfully in life and in my career. Steve G. Jones is certainly the most brilliant mind in hypnotherapy!

~ Andrea George, Miss California 1999

It help me to clear up all the negative thoughts!

I actually enjoy this lesson on Positive Affirmations. It help me to clear up all the negative thoughts in my head and help me gain faith in myself. I not just use this for astral projection but also in other areas in my life. Thanks Steve! :D

~ Danielle

Steve is so in depth and thorough, and goes all out in the how to and how to do

I used Steve G. Jones’ Explorations to practice healing in my body, which I have experienced: 80% increase in my vision, alone and a number other improvements. I am experiencing an stimulating interest in enthusiasm for doing things in my “Definite Goal Purpose”, it is looking like I will succeed and achieve my goals and thieve in this life on the Physical Plan. Hah Ray

Yes I would recommend Steve G. Jones’ explorations to my friends ~ And I already have. Because Steve is so in depth and thorough, and goes all out in the how to and how to do.

Out standing !!!

~ Royce Sand, Seattle

I feel like I am just following my body around watching it play life

I had an out of body just after a motor bike accident. I flu off the bike and into a ditch. A reflector hit my head and cut it. I saw everything that happened from that point. The life flight. I saw them trying to revive me. Every since then (2204) I feel like I am just following my body around watching it play life. I do not feel like the same person just like you said. But still I am outside myself so to speak? I know that I am here for a very special reason but I have not gotten past the control/ money thing yet. I feel as if someone from a different universe is using me but I am functioning here on this planet. I have started to try and pursue things that I use to love and could not seem to do when I was younger. I am a Model and actor but put this down do to money and my family life but now have started to inter react again. I have a burning crave to help people see things differently. There is something bigger inside of us saying let me out I have something to say and show you if you will only let yourself go there. At night I know I go to parallel universes.

It feel I live in a dream world and this makes it hard. It is the resistance that I hate and have no place for. I find myself zoning out on purpose. I can not deal with that and separate myself from it. My husband and family can not understand. I hate the resistance of this world and money. They do not do that in other universes. It is not in the light. I was angry for a long time when I came back? Maybe I did not come back all the way? I am different. My subconscious mind will just take over and most the time I have no idea what it is going to do? I have two minds and after this out of body I am allowing my subconsciousness to have full control. It is closer to my believe and spirit and that is where the magic of creation is.

~ Renee Maira

Each and every time, it’s and incredible experience

Sure, I’ve experienced astral projection. Two times particularly I remember well. The first time, I self-directed my thoughts, (I don’t remember the process), and astral projected to where I was traveling in the cosmos! It felt awesome, then I was interrupted by a phone call! Nuts!

The second time, I was at a spiritual workshop, and the teacher led the group through a guided meditation to astral project. I definitely left my body, then the room, then the community, and into the Universe! I remember feeling Supremely loved, and an indescribable feeling of euphoria. The meditation ended,, and the teacher helped guide me back to my body, because I wasn’t ready to come back yet!

I’ve astral projected during dream time; sometimes I awaken with an awareness of it or I’ll remember some of it later in the day. Each and every time, it’s and incredible experience. Astral projection fascinates me.

~ Megan

This time I came up out of my body…

I never really believed in astral projection. But about a week ago I woke up in the middle of the night. I was still lying down but it was very dark. I couldn’t really see anything else that was in my room, like my ceiling or my alarm clock, and I tried to sit up. When I tried to get up, my whole body; head to toe; started vibrating. It felt like if you rest your head on a motor or machinery that is operating and you feel your head shaking, but across my whole body. The feeling surprised me, so I stopped… but then I got curious. I tried it again and felt the same thing, but this time I came up out of my body.

~ Matthew

I have had at least 5 out of body journeys that I can remember.

I have had at least 5 out of body journeys that I can remember, I loved the freedom of the feeling of flying through space & time. On one it was for a reason and I remembered every thought , and the purpose of the journey. It doesn’t seem I have been doing it of late and want to continue my nightly travels. Peace & Light to you…..

~ Eugenia Holt

I was having so much fun because I was in control.

Very often my bed moves at night while I sleep. It is only in one direction (away from one wall and not the other, since it is in a corner). Also my pilates mat is pushed up against the wall in the same direction. I find it humorous now! I just push the bed back into it’s original place along with my pilates mat and say…“Man that must have been one heck of a ride”! Since I have come to peace with that I have started remembering my dreams.

I had a dream the other night that I was flipping from one person’s perspective to another (people I admire or want to be more like). I was having so much fun because I was in control. When I woke up I remembered bits and pieces of the personalities that I encountered but now I feel like every night when I go to sleep I am on an adventure. It feels really good to share this with others. Thank you for the opportunity!

~ Melissa

This is the most amazing complete awesome compilation of explorations I’ve ever seen put together into one program!

WOW! Steve G. Jones Rocks! This is the most amazing complete awesome compilation of explorations I’ve ever seen put together into one program! I’m dazzled!

~ Rev. Allorrah Be, California

I do this all the time.

I do this all the time, sometimes it feels as if I am trying to hold my body together, to keep from slipping out of it. I can see myself sleeping , or here people talking about me as if I am dead. But I know I’m not. I seam to fight it some times as I am falling asleep and jump and wake up. my whole body is shaking and I am afraid to fall asleep. Its like I have run a race, my heart is pounding so hard.

Stress makes it happen moor often, that is when I seam to travel the most. I dream of flying and it is so fun, I love that. Sometimes I just walk around my house from room to room. It happen one night not too long ago, I must have left my body 5 times in that same night. I have felt a hand on my face and my hair has been pushed back, when I wake up my hands are down curled up where I started and my hair is back off my face. I have felt like a man is leaning over me while I sleep. That one freaks me out.

~ Carol Wright

I felt the beautiful ecstatic kundalini rise up my spine and my astral body popped out of my third eye center

A few times I’ve been sleeping and my astral body is at the ceiling of my bedroom and I’m floating. I can “fly” as I choose to around the room. I practice the Guided Tantra Ritual cd, as a single person. After 3 months, I had a OBE. My physical body was lying on its back and I felt suspended or ‘held’ in place. I felt the beautiful ecstatic kundalini rise up my spine and my astral body popped out of my third eye center. I saw flashes of colors from the left side and I appeared to go through a gray area at great speed. When I stopped, I mentally switched on a light. I was made up of an energy I can only call “Love”. When I thought a word like ‘bounce’, I bounced. ‘joy’ and I felt a cosmic hug. My thoughts and words expanded or contracted me. I had an open face as if I could see. There was silence all around. I felt like going forward but held back to get my bearings. I couldn’t tell how large I was but I was quite spacious. If I wanted to imagine I had a body, I did. It felt like I was leaning up against an even bigger field of Love but I couldn’t quite surrender to it. I realized I was a Soul (a revelation to me!). I saw what appeared to be electric blue streams of light going away from my midriff and the thought came “purifying with”. I was not my Higher Self, who is me of course, but she is not pretentious or inhibited like I am (my ego is) here on the Earth Plane. Our Higher Self is whom we ‘die’ to when we pass on. I was me, my personality. I was not used to this level of consciousness some call Samadhi, so after what I estimate was 10 minutes I thought that I had to wake up.

My Spirit glissaded smoothly back into my body and I woke up. For 3 days afterwards, I saw life to be like a hologram and I felt light and euphoric. I could reach out and almost touch the transparent things I was seeing… trees, mandalas, the rooms in my house. I told myself that I had to live in the real world, so sadly I became more grounded and the hologram effect ended. If I go back, I’ll be prepared to think thoughts that (propel) me to different dimensions, Guided astral trips, and wherever my Higher Self wishes me to take me hopefully. In one way I’m excited but a also apprehensive which is perfectly normal and desired as fear has a self-protection mode in it. I found my Twin Soul or rather he found me. He’s not incarnated with me in this life. He calls himself “a spark in the universe”. Because I don’t yet have a conscious telepathic connection with him (imagine a triangle in the center of your forehead, then imagine blue sky; this is the signal that you wish to have telepathic communication), I communicate with him (and my Higher Self level) by way of facade dot com, Stichomancy. He sends me beautiful poetry, and synchronicities in my life. I have felt the imbued warmth of his love in my body.

When I imagine him in front of me, he has no physical body so its hard to imagine him as Being of Light, but if you every dream of one, ask if they are for you highest good then say “Yes!”. Two of Led Zeppelin’s songs: Kashmir and Going To California are about trips to the Astral Plane, one to seek an Elder Race, a place we can all aspire to go; and the other about finding his TwinSoulMate and how he fell out of this elevated state by thinking a negative thought hee hee… but I’m sure he’s found his way back there! Kashmir has many zen references like “wasted land” “father of the four winds” and “open face”. Going To California’s “white mare” is Pegasus, the couple’s horse, who resides at the Third Eye Pineal Gland center”. LZ were highly spiritual. After my OBE I could tell if any 2 people were in love and I saw how we fit roles. (Don’t forget to have a grateful heart… keep saying “Thank you” no matter what happens… it’ part of the law of attraction and it works IMHO). Namaste.

~ Diane, Toronto

I remember flying around my family and saying “Look at me, this is so cool. Look what I can do.”

When I was in the 5th grade, I was diagnosed with a rare cancer and was actually in a coma (clinically dead) for some time during my hospital stay; but nobody ever told me (till I was grown). Anyway, for years, I had memories of flying when I was a kid. I remember flying around my family and saying “Look at me, this is so cool. Look what I can do.” Well, for years I thought that they had just ignored me (I didn’t know that they couldn’t see me). When I got older, I started researching to see if anyone else had memories of flying. That is when I learned about Astral Projection.

That is when I also learned that I was in a coma while I was in the hospital and so I put two and two together. Finally, after all these years I learned why my family wasn’t fascinated by the fact that I was flying. In fact I remember seeing my sister crying during one of my flying ventures (they never told me that the doctor said I was going to die and for them to prepare my funeral). Anyhow, once I learned about Astral Projection, I became fascinated with it and did voluntarily project about 3 times than I became distracted by life and have been afraid to try every since. By “afraid” I refer to having to learn again how to deal with these odd things that happen right before your project (mainly heart feels like it is going a million miles per hour).

I was very scared the first time I tried and this happened but then I read up on it and learned that it’s normal and just ignore that accelerated heart-pounding. When I did manage to ignore it, my experience was very short because while I was enjoying the vivid colors and scenery (colors are very more defined and brighter in the astral world), I started thinking about my body and them BOOM, I was back to the physical world. Yep, everything happens at the speed of thought there. Since then, I believe that when we sleep at night we sometimes have experiences which we label as “dreams” but they are in fact real experiences.

I can tell the difference now because in the Astral World, colors are brighter. I heard there are colors that we can’t even see in the physical world and that’s why the astral appears more colorful and lively. While sleeping, I have seen loved ones who have passed and I recognize them but they are more lively_ more full of life. I’ve seen my Great Grandmother talking to a crowd of people about her death and she is looking younger than I have ever seen her here on earth and talking in a crisp voice. These are what I consider “experiences” and not dreams. I can FEEL the difference now. That’s my AP experience.

~ Nikki

I was close to the ceiling looking down at myself

I had a spontaneous Projection experience and have wanted to recreate it ever since. I was at a friend’s place for the night & was dozing off when I felt this strange sensation in my body. I started rocking gently involuntarily, and then felt like I was separating from a ‘shell’. The next thing I knew, I was close to the ceiling looking down at myself. I got so excited that I descended right back into my body.

~ Teresa

I had the motivation to accelerate my career into a whole new level

Steve helped me to relax and focus. Thanks to him I had the motivation to accelerate my career into a whole new level.

~ Bjorn Englen

Great suggestions to rapid results to achieve astral projection and lucid dreams

Steve G. Jones’ Explorations package includes some great tracks as well as his professional guided techniques to induce hypnotic states of mind and great suggestions to rapid results to achieve astral projection and lucid dreams which I believe are all closely related. The info in the Explorations package really is easily understandable and he offers many techniques to try to success. So do not give up, it may take a little time to be prepared for Astral Projection and Lucid dreaming. I have quickly accelerated my progress and frequency with both because of Steve’s help. The Exploration package is well worth the cost because it works!

Thank you Steve!

Readers if you are new to Astral Projecting and Lucid Dreaming, just keep at it, because the experience of either is absolutely awesome! There are astral realims to explore and spiritual insights and knowledge as well as experiences that will advance your abilities and goals more rapidly than you may expect! Blessed Be,

~ Jambospirit

Steve G. Jones has the voice to lead me deeper and deeper through layers of consciousness

Steve G. Jones has the voice to lead me deeper and deeper through layers of consciousness—giving me my best opportunity for freedom in the astral planes.

~ JoEllen LaVeigne

This program is as complete as it is

love that this program is as complete as it is. However, being complete, it puts the goal of astral travel farther in the future than I had anticipated. It’s well thought out and well presented.

~ Steve

I get the results I have been looking for and it can only progress

I have been interested in metaphysics and spirituality for over forty years. I have read many books on these topics over the years. I have practiced many techniques by way of meditation, prayer or treatment. I have also practiced hypnotism and autosuggestion. I have used many audio CD programs for Brainwave Entrainment and have studied their different uses and effects to create altered states of mind. I have had many diverse experiences and glimpses of metaphysical or spiritual phenomena as a result and have certain successful results in healing, becoming more aware psychically, have experienced communication with spirit entities and have had glimpses of past lives.

So why get another program? Well Astral Projection became a real interest to me when I read Steve Jones Exploration Program ad. His qualifications and his in depth knowledge and experiences that he relates, just resonated with my spirit and I felt good about the offer. I wanted to have OBE’s with the direction of a good coach who provides the tools that I have become familiar with over the years and has a program that would help me astral project on a consistent basis as quickly as possible. When I received the Explorations Program, I was impressed with the detailed information and different techniques to use, how to overcome fears and the quality audios, pdf’s as well as the bonuses that came with it.

Within a very short time my dreams became more vivid and more frequent. I started to remember more details about my dreams. My dreams became lucid and I started to experience more control on my dreams. I have experienced flying in my dreams by being lucid and knowing I could. I could control where I wanted to go and meet others in my dreams. I have experienced my hands out of the body within the first couple of times I used the binaural BWE audios. Some of them have guided visualization and hypnotic inductions with positive and post hypnotic suggestions that work very effectively for me.

I have even seen a female entity with long golden curled hair appear in my room! I think she may have been a faerie as this has been part of my quest which is to become familiar with that realm. I write stories and poems about the Fae Folk and now I have had one appear as clear as a bell and I saw this through my third eye being opened while my physical eyes were closed. When I opened my physical eyes I could not see her, but my room was exactly the same as when my eyes were closed and my third eye was opened!!! Other things, during my regular day, have been occurring. Those type of synchronicities that tell you that you are on track. Attracting the right people and better financial opportunities are some I will mention here.

So I will continue using the Steve G. Jones Explorations Program because I get the results I have been looking for and it can only progress. Thanks Steve

~ Jumbo

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