Astral Projection Techniques: Your Ticket to the Astral Plane

astral projection

Life in the twenty-first century is far from easy. As we become more technologically advanced and surround ourselves with tools and methods which are supposed to make life more simple and relaxing, we find ourselves ever more disconnected with what it is that makes us special, and makes us human. In today’s modern society, a sizeable percentage of the population is suffering from depression, or feels overworked and underpaid. We as a species are suffering from frustration – how have we seemingly come so far yet find ourselves so dissatisfied with what surrounds us? These symptoms are plain to see, and they don’t appear to be getting better. Never before has mankind felt such a massively strong attachment to the material world, or material possessions, and it is quickly driving us into a dark age where we wake each day to complete monotonous tasks for small amounts of money, with which to buy goods to distract us for a while.

With all of this in mind, it comes as no surprise that a sizeable amount of the population, and many people we all meet day to day are looking for some sort of solution, some sort of escape or respite from this material world and shallow surroundings which we have been led to believe is the sum of our existence. It is no coincidence that more and more people are turning to older wisdoms and older truths as a way of releasing themselves from the monotony of this plane, and looking back to a time when mankind had a deeper, spiritual connection with themselves and their surroundings. Practices such as yoga and meditation have seen a huge surge in popularity over the past decade, and there can be no reason for this other than the fact that normal people are seeking a way to discover other aspects of their lives. Once again, we are beginning to believe that our physical bodies, and the physical world that surrounds us simply cannot be all there is.

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All Your Questions Answered

planeOne of the practices, which is quickly gaining worldwide recognition and is once again providing people with the answers they seek and the relief from the material world that they so desperately require is astral projection. Astral projection is, quite simply, the phenomenon which allows an individual to escape from the confines of their tangible form and become free and limitless in an entirely different, perfect realm known as the astral plane. This plane of existence has been referred to by some of humanity’s greatest minds as a reality; thinkers such as Plato and Aristotle both spoke of the astral body and astral realm as a real place, where all of the restrictions and imperfections of the material world are removed and replaced by versions which are incorruptible and everlasting. In Indian religious writings, the astral realm is considered a reality, and somewhere we should all strive to spend time in. Indeed, the practices of yoga and meditation are based in the belief that we should spend a certain amount of time each day recognizing that the material body and the material world are imperfect, illusory copies of something far more profound and beautiful, that we are simply passing through this physical realm on our way back to the astral one.


Modern thinkers and practitioners of astral projection take these beliefs as a foundation, and recognize that astral projection allows us all to gain a higher sense of realization regarding our reality and our existence. Indeed, astral travellers can, through willpower and concentration, leave behind all of the restrictions and limits we face in the material world, and be freed from even very basic limitations we have grown to take for granted, such as the force of gravity. The astral body floats freely, and can travel through space and time at will, visiting people, beings, situations and unimaginable circumstances in a sense of deep calm and tranquility. During an astral projection, your reality revolves around nothing but your spiritual essence, the perfect, everlasting and incorruptible part of yourself, which is completely removed from any worldly pain or suffering. As such, astral projection is a perfect, free and beautiful way of experiencing unbounded happiness, mental clarity and experiencing for yourself the unbounded nature of life in the presence of cosmic power. Ask any astral traveller, and they will tell you that this practice allows them to uncover the secrets of their life, find their real place in this universe and recognize that any problems they face in the material world are merely illusion, and important only as a sign that there is much, much more to see and discover.


Travel Beyond

astral travelIf you are new to the world and practices of astral projection, the chances are that you too are seeking to experience the level of freedom and boundless joy that can come about through these methods. And who could blame you? We as a species are growing weary of the increasing monotony of this material world, obsessed with materialistic things and materialistic aspirations. We all have a deep and profound need to uncover the mysteries of life and existence, and through astral projection, we have a free and enjoyable opportunity to do so. However, in order to access the myriad benefits of astral projection, you must first learn how to engage in this form of metaphysical travel. Our deep attachment to the material world is a barrier we must learn to overcome, and train ourselves to let go of, but this doesn’t necessarily come easily. From birth we are taught to aspire to succeed materially, we are trained slowly but surely to believe in what we perceive with our physical senses. As such, we develop a connection with what physically surrounds us, and we begin to deny the existence of the doubt that resides inside of us – the doubt that there is more to life than the physical world.


Out of body experiences and astral projection do occur naturally, in times of great distress or through deep dreaming, but rarely do they occur naturally in other circumstances or in times when we have full awareness or control of what is occurring. Nonetheless, there are proven, tried and tested techniques which can help us leave our physical bodies, and once you have acquired the know-how of astral projection, and have experimented with a range of techniques in order to find the most natural and comfortable one for yourself, you can gain the proper information with which you can control your admittance into and exploration of the astral world, and visit, enjoy and learn from it whenever you please, or whenever you need it the most.


lucid dreaming techniquesThe majority of astral projection techniques you will read about and have recommended to you as a beginner rely on lucid dreaming. This is a relatively simple and comfortable way to induce a state of deep relaxation and consciousness that is conducive to astral projection, and which can act as a gateway to other techniques and practices. Astral projection is a practice which undoubtedly becomes easier over time, as the barriers between the material world and the astral realm gradually begin to seem less solid and tangible after you have spent some time exploring, entering and re-entering the astral plane. Through lucid dreaming, you can recognize that the reality you are experiencing, the sights you see and sensations you feel are not of the material world, but of dreams. When we experience lucid dreaming, we can control what we do, see, where we go and what happens in our dreams – an experience which can be deeply profound and act as a genuine respite from the material world we wake into. Lucid dreams do occur naturally during regular sleep, indeed, many of us have at some point found ourselves having a lucid dream without ever trying to. As such, astral projection techniques generally rely on lucid dreaming as an introduction, as it is a simple and easy way to access the subconscious and unlock further potential for astral travel.


The following astral projection techniques can be used by anybody who is ready and willing to experience the wonders that can arise through astral projection, and who have a real desire to explore the astral realm. These techniques rely on your ability to access your subconscious mind through your dreams and through your energy. However, there are dozens of tried and tested techniques that work equally well for different people. If you feel as though you are not making progress through the techniques listed below, please do not allow yourself to become frustrated and give up on your adventures in astral projection. We are all different, and our minds and subconscious minds are all constructed differently depending on many different factors. As such, whilst one technique may work perfectly for one person and yield astonishing and fast results, it may not have the same outcome for another. It is highly recommended that you keep your eventual goal in sight, and employ several different techniques, even combining more than one, in order to eventually astral project. By becoming frustrated, you can create a psychic blockage and a mass of negative energy in one or more of your chakras. This can greatly impede your ability to let go of your physical body and astral project, creating a cycle of frustration and failure to escape. As such, positive thinking, determination and patience are key, and will yield the most positive and astounding results.


wild lucid dreamingWake-Induced Lucid Dreaming (WILD):

This technique involves stepping into the dream state with full conscious awareness. It is easiest to apply the WILD technique following four to seven hours of undisturbed sleep; depending on how much sleep you usually get, at this point you’ve slept sufficiently to return to your normal waking state, but you’ve had less sleep than usual. If you can program your subconscious to wake you up 2-3 hours prior to the time you usually get up, which is ideal, but if you can’t, then you may try setting an alarm. When you wake up, you can go through the steps of astral projection as outlined in the astral projection guide. Because your body has had less sleep than usual, you can easily slip back into the dream state with an awareness to initiate a lucid dream.


mild lucid dreamingMnemonic-Induced Lucid Dreaming (MILD):

Similar to the WILD technique, the MILD technique relies on lucid dreams. The subtle difference is that in this case, you train yourself to remember that you are dreaming. You can remain sleeping while using this technique. As you sleep and experience a dream, you’ll have trained yourself to identify what is happening and move forward from that point. Training yourself to do so involves thinking about your dreams while you are conscious. Try placing your conscious self in a dream you’ve had recently. You can also repeat an affirmation to remember you are dreaming the next time it happens. The key to identifying the dream state lies in very subtle clues that you can teach yourself to notice. Once you enter the lucid dream state, which is similar to self-hypnosis, you can move forward with astral projection.

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If you’re ready to apply what you’ve learned about astral projection, these well recognized astral projection techniques could be used to initiate your first genuine and profound out-of-body experience. The most important thing to remember as you try to astral project is that your experience with astral projection will be unique; you needn’t and mustn’t compare yourself to others who are also learning to astral project. Just as some people are able to come by learning to play a musical instrument or certain sports naturally, there are those that are able to astral project easily, even on their first try. You needn’t worry if you have to try and try again; the process of learning how to astral project requires time and patience for many people. If you’re having repeated difficulties trying a few different techniques is the best way to move forward. Remember, there is nobody on earth who is incapable of astral projection or who isn’t in possession of an astral body, so retain your focus, stay positive and allow the experience to come to you.



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