Symptoms of Out of Body Experiences

Have you ever had an astral projection? This question is very hard to answer because most people are not able to remember anything that happened on their astral travels. However, there are some symptoms of astral projections that can help you determine whether you have experienced one or not. These symptoms are different for different people, but almost all who have traveled unconsciously have these symptoms.

Since these symptoms can vary, it is important to record them if you feel even slightly odd any given day. Recording them can help you keep a track of how many times you have experienced astral projections. This will also help you prepare yourself for any further projections.

Non Physical Symptoms of Astral Projection

The first thing that you should take note of is any odd non physical symptoms such as loud humming or buzzing sounds. These are usually the gentlest of symptoms. Unfortunately, these symptoms may also be associated with physical and emotional disorders. In such a case, you may get confused and misled. You may look for some of the other symptoms that you may experience. These include strange voices in your head. Some of these voices may be downright scary and may tell you not to proceed and attempt astral projections.

Some people also experience strange internal vibrations. These are a little difficult to explain but if you experience them, you will know that you are experiencing them. You will also experience lightheadedness and a sense of all pervading calm. You may not even experience any stress or anxiety for several days after you have had an astral projection. This all-pervading sense of peace and calm is almost always inexplicable. Though you will experience the peace and calm spreading inside you, you may not have done anything special to trigger it off. This is one of the most therapeutic effects of having an astral projection.

Another symptom that many people experience is seeing a long tunnel and a bright light at the end of it. Some people also experience this light in a different manner. They may feel the light inside of them, spreading inside their own body.

Physical Symptoms of an Astral Projection

You may also have a racing heart and a warm feeling on the heart chakra. You may also experience intense vibrations around your heart in the central part of your chest. Some people experience very slight vibrations which are not always observable. As you have longer projections, these vibrations tend to get stronger, so you may not experience the vibrations in the first few projections, but as the projections grow stronger so will your vibrations.

Sleep paralysis is a slightly advanced sign of having an outer body experience. Unlike some of the other symptoms that you experience after having had a projection, these symptoms occur before you perform astral travel. This is a condition where you feel completely relaxed and are sleeping, but are still aware of all that is occurring around you. This usually occurs before you enter into the vibrational state.

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