Out of Body Experiences: Embark on a Journey to the Astral World

It is impossible not to be curious out having an out of body experience. Not just because it is something bound in mystery and excitement – the idea of being liberated from the limiting confines of our bodies is indeed very appealing – but because it is something which makes up a certain essence of our culture. Mankind has always dreamt about releasing himself, whether through controlled flight or artificial weightlessness, or through redemption and religious experiences. Having an out of body experience is something, which we cannot help but crave, and something that, in many ways, is very easy to imagine. We all encounter something not dissimilar to an out of body experience each night when we dream, and within our dreams, we are free from any of the limitations we face in waking life. We have all dreamt of flying, and most of us regular dream of being bodiless, or having bodies which can easily and comfortable withstand positions, circumstances or occurrences which we never would be able to in waking life.


Often, many of us encounter out of body experiences without understanding how or why it took place. We receive flashes and visions of impossible perspectives, we wake up from sleeping whilst looking down upon our sleeping bodies, or we wake up and begin going about our morning routine before suddenly realizing we are still in bed, before returning to our bodies with a jolt! These are all perfectly normal and common experiences which allow the idea of an OBE to be something quite familiar and comfortable, and lead many of us to be curious how to have an out of body experience which we can have complete control over, and slip into whenever we want. Who wouldn’t want to have control of these dreamlike states, when we feel freed from the mundane reality we spend most of our time in? Who wouldn’t want to feel themselves floating peacefully, free from pain or harm or frustration? free astral projection guide

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What is an Out of Body Experience?

ladderOut of body experiences have received a huge amount of public attention over the past few decades, and this can hardly surprise us. As the material world in which we spend most of our time living becomes increasing materialistic, frustrating and dull, people naturally turn to seek some sort of alternative in any way that they can. This is partly the reason for the recent explosion of interest and enthusiasm for all manner of activities and information regarding astral travel, OBEs and all sorts of connected practices – people have grown frustrated with this realm, and cannot help but feel there is something higher, something more profound which they have been encouraged to ignore their whole lives. When you spend just a moment to think about this life, and these bodies in which we live our lives, it seems glaringly obvious that there must be something more, something we have been missing. Who are you really? Are we simply these bodies, with their imperfections and their limitations? Why do we dream? What happens when these bodies eventually die? In actual fact, it is incredibly difficult and more than a little ignorant to refuse the existence of the astral or ethereal body, as part of us at least suspects that there simply must be more to us than flesh and bone, and there simply must be more to life than spending each day living in the material world.


Whilst you can look to the thousands of personal testimonies of out of body experiences which can be easily found online or in your local library in one of hundreds of compendiums of such things, you won’t necessarily find anything which could accurately describe what you may find or benefit from having an OBE yourself. What you may find, however, are the answers to many of the obvious questions that arise regarding these practices, and the doubts, which newcomers cannot help, but hold in their minds. Look back through human history, however, and you’ll quickly find that out of body experiences have had an enormous impact on almost every culture and civilization, which has come before ours. In the East, and particularly in India, there are writings which refer to speeches and lessons given thousands of years ago which instruct us to see our material bodies as mere shells, simple vessels for a more complex, spirit-soul which can and will free itself whenever possible. Such ideas led to a culture and a set of religions which encourages every man, woman and child to spend time each day meditating on separation of body, spirit and mind for increased inner peace and balance, and to see the material world as nothing more than illusion. The Vedas and other holy texts are full of people who travelled great distances in their astral bodies, saw wonderful and impossible things, and reported back to their people of the insignificance of the world in which we live.


Near Death Experiences

human brainPossibly the most convincing argument for the existence of out of body experiences happens very regularly, and indeed, many of us know somebody who has encountered a vivid OBE in their lifetime. Put quite simply, OBEs occur naturally in moments of great physical or emotional trauma, or during moments when physical death seems to be imminent, but does not occur. These ‘near death experiences’ have penetrated cultural consciousness in a big way, and we are all aware of more or less what they entail. It seems the vast amount of people who have had near death experiences have experienced some kind of out of body experience alongside it; being bathed in a protective light, seeing themselves move away from their material body, upwards and outwards, occasionally towards some kind of tunnel or light source. This sensation of movement away from the tangible world is always associated with a feeling of utmost blissfulness, relaxation, often utter joy. The absence of fear or pain is particularly notable, and alongside a feeling that everything will be just fine, or the sense that all of your questions about life are about to be answered makes this experiences particularly profound and often completely life-changing for the individual on their return to the waking world.


However, speak to any astral traveller or one who regularly undergoes out of body experience through willpower and concentration, and they will tell you that all of these various factors we read about or hear about are simply part of the process of allowing your astral body to exit your material form. Even those details about near death experience which seem slightly odd or uncomfortable, such as having deceased friends and relatives around you, or revisiting times and places from your personal past, are regularly encountered on the astral plane by those who wish to visit it, and greatly enjoyable, life-affirming and relaxing. Simply put, out of body experiences are manifestations of the spirit or ethereal body outside of the material world. They occur naturally under certain circumstances, but you do not have to be suffering or dying in order to encounter them, learn from them or enjoy them. As you are reading these things, the likelihood is that you are new to these phenomena and are curious or anxious to experience them for yourself. Rest assured in the knowledge that nobody is incapable of having an out of body experience, that they are completely natural and an important way of recognizing other, real and vital parts of your existence. Although it can take some patience and training, OBEs or astral projections are there for you to enjoy and explore, and the astral realm is always waiting for your return.


What Happens When You Leave Your Body?

obeWhen you have an out of body experience, you are not only freed from your material body, but the entire material realm. You become weightless, and find your body free from any of the pain or frustration it suffered with whilst you were in your waking life. This is the nature of the astral realm we go to when having an OBE; limitless, beautiful, incorruptible. You will feel utterly at peace with yourself and your surroundings, and you will find that nothing is impossible, nothing your senses relied upon in the material world are necessary in the astral realm, and willpower, concentration and inner drive are all you need to summon yourself from one place or time to another, to visit times, situations and people from your past or your future, or to go to places far beyond your previous imagination or imposed limitations. You can be everywhere and nowhere, all things or nothing.


In actual fact, it is incredibly difficult to describe anything of the astral realm to somebody who hasn’t been there via their own choice and effort, as the truth is preconceptions are utterly useless when one considers that this realm which we can escape to is so deeply personalized and individual. However, what all people do find, and the reason why so many people all over the world have spent millennia concentrating and meditating on reaching the astral realm, is that all things are possible, and all questions are immediately and profoundly answerable. The mysteries of life unravel before you, reveal themselves to be mere illusions and misconceptions. The material world seems very small, very imperfect, and very far away in comparison to the astral plane. Such experiences in the astral realm can make troublesome lives fall into place, and the life you have lived up until that point can indeed be made sense of. The possibilities for personal and spiritual growth within the astral realm are limitless, and regular visits will quickly dispel any preconceptions, any fear or hesitation, until you are truly comfortable in this space you have every entitlement to be in, enjoy and learn from.


Although it may sound utterly impossible to you now, the process of initiating a controlled OBE is simple and can be accomplished by anybody who is willing to put the time in to learn. Try the following alarm clock technique to initiate an OBE the next time it’s convenient for you.

Note: The following OBE-induction technique needs to be done after a full six hours of sleep, ideally in the wee hours of the morning. Start by setting your alarm clock for exactly six hours from the time you lay down to sleep. Plan to stay fully awake for an hour. Once you’ve been up for exactly one hour, lay back down. Follow these five steps and get ready to have an out of body experience!


  • Step 1: Relaxation

You may already be relaxed, since you’ve woken up from a sleep state. But in the case that you’re not, consciously focus on relaxing each part of your body, starting from your toes and moving to your forehead. It can help to practice a little self-hypnosis in regards to this, slowly counting down from ten and focusing on each individual part of your body, willing it to become completely relaxed and comfortable.

  • Step 2: Focus on your Third Eye

Your body contains a chakra center, filled with potent energy, in the middle of your forehead. By consciously focusing your attention on your third eye you can awaken your intuition to guide you through your OBE. Your willpower is your greatest tool, and visualisations will come far more easily if you find a way to exercise your forehead chakra.

  • Step 3: Vibrational Pulsing

Start to feel the vibrations underlying your sense of stillness. These energies are very subtle, so a good way to begin is by tuning in to your heartbeat and imagining waves of vibration flowing in time with your pulse.

  • Step 4: Visualization

Bring your attention to any images, colors or videos you might be seeing with your eyes closed. It’s at this point that a lot of people fall asleep, but if you can stay conscious at this point, you’re almost ready to project yourself out of your body.

  • Step 5: Floating

The only thing left to do now is wait until you feel yourself begin to float up and out of your body. When you leave your body, you may experience a number of physical sensations, but they will subside. Before long, you’ll find yourself beginning to exit your physical body – concentrate on this sensation, and will it to be so. There should be some feeling of pressure to keep you attached to the material realm, but fight against it in repeating waves until you are freed completely and are able to move independently.

Out of body experiences can provide you with an enlightening glimpse into your existence, answer many or all of the questions which have plagued the consciousness of mankind since the beginnings of spiritual thought. We can awaken ourselves very simply and easily, however, the enemy of spiritual awakening is frustration. If you continue to fail to feel any progress being made in your attempts to have an OBE, do not allow yourself to become angry or frustrated – this can easily form a blockage in your chakras, and forge a greater connection with the material world and a fear or negative feeling towards the astral plane. Simply research some other effective techniques, and begin to experiment with one or more of them until you find a pattern and a method, which suits you and your needs. As mentioned before, there is nobody alive or dead without an astral body, and there is no reason other than your own frustration or attachment that would stop you from projecting.

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