Near Death Experiences: What is it Like to Die?

There are a lot of mysteries in the world, but perhaps none of them are as intriguing as the mystery of what happens after death. This is one mystery that has not been completely unraveled. However, some people who have experienced near death experiences are able to relate their tales of what they experienced when they were ‘dead’.

Different people offer different kinds of examples in order to explain death. Social research has also shown that different people who have experienced near death experiences at various points in time have different tales to tell. They offer interesting accounts of their travels and also relate fascinating tales, but these tales and accounts are often different with no common element to bind them together.

What is a Near Death Experience?

A near death experience is an instance when a person comes really close to the point of dying. In fact, the person may be pronounced clinically dead for a few minutes or seconds before being revived again. A coma, in which the person’s hear stops for a few minutes or seconds, is also considered a near death experience. A longitudinal study on those who have had near death experiences has reported that all experiences have some elements in common, but there has not been a single instance in which two experiences were completely same. So in a way, each of these experiences is unique.

Near Death experiences are the only evidence that there is some form of life even after death. Though there is no complete clarity on this issue, it throws some light on the belief that the spirit made of pure energy can continue to live on even if the physical body is destroyed.

Most of the people describe their near death experiences as extremely pleasant. Even the physical sensations they experienced during their near death experience, were very pleasant. Some people even went as far as to record that they came across their dead loved ones during the time they were ‘dead’.  Another thing that stands out in this study is that time and space move differently when a person has a near death experience. Even the people who have been ‘dead’ for only a few seconds, feel that they spend days on the other side.

Some of the feelings that people have associated with their near death experiences are those of extreme comfort, joy, happiness, peace and relaxation. The pain and suffering that a person has experienced before they had their near death experience is completely obliterated when the person passes on to the other side.

A lot of other people who had experienced a near death experience have also stated that they are not able to describe what they felt during their near death experience. One of the most popular cliché about death – the dark tunnel with a light on the other tunnel, also kept coming up throughout this research as a lot of people described their near death experience as walking through the tunnel and moving towards a bright white and warm light.

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