Easy Tips And Techniques Of Lucid Dreaming

Can you recall a time when you knew you were dreaming? Would you like to learn how to have a lucid dream? Are you ready to embark on a journey to a whole new realm of your subconscious mind? If you’d like to have a lucid dream, read on for lucid dreaming tips.

out of body dreamingDreams really are incredible things. Whilst during our waking life, we are driven by the rational part of our conscious brain, constantly analyzing, making decisions and responding to all that we see. When we fall asleep, however, a subtler, more special and considerably more profound part of our mind comes to the fore – the subconscious. Here, and in the unconscious brain, we store all the small details of our life. Nothing is forgotten, merely put away into the deepest parts of our mind, and all of the answers to all of our questions are there, somewhere, and often come forward in our dreams. The results are fairly obvious, and you don’t need to be a psychologist or an expert in dream analysis to realize that our dreams are directly connected to our hopes, our desires, our worries and concerns which we live with in the waking world.


However, dreams are not quite as straightforward as we would perhaps want them to be. They are heavily loaded with symbolism, and often turn things completely on their head, replacing one thing, place or person, with another – supposedly to make their often difficult or repressed message more palatable for the conscious mind when we reflect upon them.


One thing is certain, though. Dreaming and astral projection are highly and intricately entwined. Both are led by the subconscious, and the visualisations of dreams are very similar to the way in which astral travel is directed, by letting our ‘essence’ come forward and act out decisions, scenarios and situations for us. One practice which experts and experienced astral travellers have identified as being highly beneficial for more profound astral travel, and a higher level of connection between body, mind and spirit is lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is when we are fully aware of the fact that we are dreaming, and we allow our consciousness and subconscious to merge and harmonise.


When we have a lucid dream, we can eschew the usual helplessness we feel in dreams, where we cannot control or predict what we will dream about, or dictate who or where we are in our dreams. Lucid dreaming allows us to dream about what, who, where or when we want. It allows us to control exactly how we feel in our dreams, what happens to us and what we see and experience. As such, lucid dreaming can be one of the most beautiful experiences we will ever have within the confines of our minds, and one which can unravel the mysteries of the mind, our place in this world and universe, and the secrets of our existence.
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What is Lucid Dreaming?

flying in dreamAccording to experts and masters within the field, lucid dreaming is essentially a phenomenon which occurs when the dreamer effectively ‘wakes up’ within the dream. Most of us have experienced this at some point in our lives, and for many people, it is something which has occurred regularly throughout their lives without any effort being made to bring it about. For the vast majority of people, waking life and dreaming life take part in separate realities, with dreaming being something beyond any conscious control. What occurs in dreams for those people is usually a mess of visions, sensations and scenarios which combine in no logical order recent events (commonly inspired by snippets of a recent conversation, or something seen on television) with old memories, things one is worrying about or looking forward to, desires and wishes, subjects of guilt and shame, and all sorts of other things. For normal dreamers, the dream they are having is the reality, and they have no recognition of the fact, at that moment, that they are dreaming and they will soon wake up and most likely forget the majority of what they see or encounter.


However, on the other hand, the lucid dreamer sees things very differently. They are still likely to come across the same jumbled assortment of visions and scenarios inspired by the same things, yet by ‘waking up’ within the dream, they can become the master of these scenarios. They can choose to delve more deeply into certain situations and explore them more fully, asking questions about the meaning of the dream and the symbolic visions they encounter. Not only this, but the lucid dreamer can make a conscious decision to detach themselves from the dream, particularly if the dream is in some way emotionally distressing or uncomfortable, as dreams often are. Simply by recognising the reality within the dream as merely a dream, and something which will soon come to an end, the dream becomes less important and relevant, and you can potentially enjoy the experience far more as a result of this.


As the things we come across in dreams are essential surreal representations of our waking life, with the rules of space and time completely disregarded, it is important to be able to recognise them as just this. Not only this, but because the things, places, people and situations which we can encounter in our dreams are more or less limitless, to lucidly dream allows us to manipulate our dreams to our advantage, allowing us to see what we want to see, and do whatever we want to do, instead of being at mercy of the repressed emotions and chaotic nature of our subconscious. Through lucid dreaming, we can find an effective and highly enjoyable way of harmonising our waking life with our dreaming life, our physical body with our ethereal one, and our consciousness with our subconscious. We can potentially unlock the mysteries of our subconscious mind through our conscious explorations of it, and wake up feeling affirmed and comfortable within our own world.


The Gateway to Astral Projection

obeWhilst lucid dreaming can be an enormously pleasant and profound experience alone, it also has another benefit which can bring life-changing shifts of perspective and levels of personal freedom and liberation. Lucid dreaming is seen as something of a ‘gateway’ or ‘first step’ towards full astral projection, a practice which allows an individual to escape the confines of their physical body and material world which surrounds it, and explore without limitations an entirely new plane of existence. The astral plane is a place where there are none of the usual laws of physics – one can move freely and weightlessly anywhere they please, and even enter blissful states of detachment and nothingness, or shift between the present, future and past seamlessly.


Astral projection is very much connected to lucid dreaming, and a lucid dream can be used as a way of accessing the astral world. Indeed, many astral travellers use a technique wherein they induce a lucid dream in order to release their astral form from their physical body. Because lucid dreams enable a person to enter his or her subconscious mind and take some control of it, they serve as an easy, comfortable access portal  to full astral projection. Anyone who would like to learn how to astral project can do so by finding out more about this fascinating spiritual sensation.


Tips and Techniques For Having a Lucid Dream

dream Learning how to have lucid dreams is, in many ways, much like learning how to astral project. Both practices may require a lot of time and patience, just as both practices may come very easily to one person, and not at all easily to another. One of the vitally important things to keep in mind is to not allow yourself to become frustrated with any slowness or failures in your progress towards your eventual goal of being able to lucidly dream. Allowing yourself to become frustrated will cause yourself to fall into a vicious cycle of failure and frustration, as frustration merely strengthens your attachment to waking life and the material world. As such, you’ll find it harder and harder to relax, which will again impede your progress. Keep telling yourself that there is no reason why you should not be able to lucidly dream – nobody on earth is completely incapable of it – only, such things require dedication, practice and patience.


It will come eventually, and it will be absolutely worth the effort. Also, there are dozens of available techniques and literally thousands of testimonies, pieces of advice and confirmations from people of all walks of life available to read online. If one technique is not working for you, experiment with another until you find the one which is most effective for your individual requirements. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, blending different techniques and methods to suit your own psychic and physical needs.


When you have a firm foundation for understanding astral projection, you can start working to initiate lucid dreams to help you enter the astral dimension. The following lucid dreaming tips are of value to anyone looking to use his or her dreams as a portal to astral projection:


  • Keep a record of your experiences in the dream world. Everyone dreams, but not everyone is able to carry their experiences in the dream world to their waking life. If you’re out of touch with what’s going on in your subconscious mind – if you can’t seem to remember your dreams, not to worry! Many people experience this initial hurdle to lucid dreaming. Keeping a dream journal is the best way to actually access what’s going on in your dreams. The key is to think about what you were dreaming immediately upon waking up and write down in a journal any details that you are able to recall. The physical act of writing down what you experience will open the doors of your perception and further stimulate your conscious memory the next time you dream.
  • Affirm and re-affirm your ability. Say it out loud – “My mind will wake up the next time I dream.” It may take a while to sink in to your subconscious, but using this affirmation will help you eventually gain consciousness during your dreams. By repeatedly confirming your ability to have a lucid dream before you go to sleep, you can effectively enable lucid dreams.
  • Start small. When you find yourself having a lucid dream, don’t get over-excited! Just as you have to take baby steps whenever you learn something new, you need to progress slowly through stages of lucidity. If you try to control everything within a dream after initially gaining awareness, you won’t succeed. Instead, start small by focusing your attention on one particular object and trying to slowly manipulate that object. When you’ve mastered that you can move on to controlling the people, places, and events that you experience within your dreams.
  • Practise and praise. As your ability to control what happens in your dreams increases with practise, don’t forget to praise yourself! Gaining the ability to have lucid dreams on command can be difficult and it is only through your own dedicated focus that you’ll succeed. So, don’t forget to reward yourself as you progress!

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By using one or more of the aforementioned tips and techniques for lucid dreaming, you should find yourself gaining more and more consciousness within your dream reality. This wakefulness within your dreams will essentially open the doors to a whole new world, held together by the limitless material your subconscious mind provides and allow you to explore endless possibilities within the dreamscapes you encounter. Remember, when you achieve lucid dreaming, you have basically acquired the power to delve deeper into the recesses of your mind and your being than ever before.

It will give you the ability to reflect upon your life, your choices, difficulties and successes, and gain a deeper perspective on your place in the world and your future direction. Not only is lucid dreaming an unparalleled glimpse into the subconscious, it can also provide you with a profound and comfortable source of pride and enjoyment – you can begin to see your dreams in a whole new way which can be extremely pleasurable, as no longer do you have to be swept along into scenarios or confusing visions which you are not willing to see or sense.

Furthermore, lucid dreaming is your ticket towards gaining a full astral projection experience, where your horizons will be widened further than you ever imagined possible, and even your dream senses will be expanded upon and offered a deeper level of affirmation and enlightenment. If you would like to explore the benefits of astral projection, take some time to find out more about astral travel today.

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