The Potential Dangers of Astral Projection And What You Can Do To Protect Yourself

astral projectionWhenever we venture out of our comfort zones, or attempt something for the first time, we are bound to run into some difficulty. We can expect to sometimes encounter disorientation, confusion, and even panic when we do something we have not experienced yet. This is especially true of something like astral projection. But, just like anything else in life, if we take the proper precautions, we have little to worry about.


I am sure that there are people reading this who have had unsettling experiences while experimenting with astral projection. These experiences can be similar to nightmares and sleep paralysis, and just as when we dream we are bound to have some nightmares, when we astral project there is the potential for frightening experiences as well. Although confusion and disorientation might seem to stand in our way, we should carry on, as with any difficult task at which we wish to succeed.


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dangerWhen we experience astral projection, there are some key problems that can arise. They mostly stem from disorientation, which may occur during, or after, the experience. Just as we may be thrown off by any new experience, initial experiences with the astral contain possibilities of the same. This can take the form of a confused, panicked experience, potentially dissuading or turning one off completely from ever trying the experience again.


It would be impossible to speak to all of the potential problems that can arise from experimenting with astral projection. What we can speak clearly about is a very capable tool with which to prepare ourselves for these difficulties. The most straightforward way is to always begin our exploration of these mind states with a clear statement of intent.


A Statement of Intent- Your Protection in Times of Trouble


A statement of intent is important because it allows us to set forth clearly what our intentions are while investigating these terrains, as well as to align our will, psychological and spiritual, with the experience. Therefore, when we are confronted with the unexpected, we are emboldened with an anchor, a foundation stone, which is self-aware and deliberate.


This can be as simple as a mantra repeated while meditating before entering into your astral projection. It could be a single-sentence statement, a drawing, a glyph; anything which expresses your will in the experiment with clarity. It should be succinct and straightforward. This serves as a roadmap for the experience, and provides for a plan if your intentions or direction are questioned in your exploration of the astral plane.


intentKeeping an image or statuette which to you represents protection, safety, and purity of intention with you is a great defense as well. For a long time, I had a small statue depicting the Egyptian god Horus in his form as a hawk. This figure represented vision, security, and courage to me, and was a way of grounding the experience in an image if things became too stressful or disoriented.


Another crucial practice is to keep a journal of your experiences when astral projecting. Try to write all of your experiences in it so that you can reference them in the future. This makes it much easier to find help with problems you are having, as well as to understand and anticipate them in the future.


If you find yourself in a confused or disorientated state, just remember your statement of intent, and the symbols and images that you cherish for strength, be respectful, abide by the local customs, and exit the scenario as gracefully as possible. This is pretty similar to the way we must act when we encounter difficulty in any foreign place.


Be Brave and Keep Trying


Remember that everyone who has ever practiced astral projection has had unsettling experiences, and that there is nothing wrong with you, or necessarily your method, if you have them. After the experience, while recording the event in your journal, and in the following days, you will be able to assess what happened and what you can do to prevent something like it in the time to come.


As every human endeavor is susceptible to misapplication of resources, accident, and lack of preparation, so is astral projection. But this shouldn’t prohibit us from engaging in it any more than the possibility of choking should prohibit us from eating. There are vistas and clarifying experiences to be had in the astral plane which should excite each of us to approach it and seek the truth it contains.


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