Is Astral Projection Real?

is astral projection real?

Imagine if you could step outside of your body and into a realm of fascinating otherworldly beings, entrancing vistas, and thrilling endeavors. Imagine if, as a spirit traveler, you had the capability to achieve a higher sense of self-awareness, to cultivate your own personal spirituality, and to connect with a divine presence. Finally imagine if, through these awesome adventures, you were able to experience happiness, prosperity, and total health in your day-to-day life.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

If you answered yes, you’re not alone. In fact, if you pose the question is astral projection real? to anyone – you might get a few strange looks. But, as with anything, the skepticism surrounding astral projection is simply due to a lack of general awareness of this technique. Most people have a natural fear of the unknown. However, regardless of public opinion, astral projection is a real skill that anyone can develop. free astral projection guide If you are intrigued by astral projection but still uncertain as to where it can take you, take some time to learn more about this limitless possibility.

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Astral Projection Through the Ages

is astral projection real?People have actually been astral projecting for centuries. Although the term “astral projection” is a modern title for the phenomenon, people around the world have been describing out of body experiences for ages. Indeed, ancient holy texts from the world’s major religions often contain detailed accounts of instances of astral projections. Prophets who described awe-inspiring visions, sadhus who trained themselves to attain spiritual transcendence through meditation, and monks seeking enlightenment are all examples of historical religious figures who have accessed astral projection. In those days, this skill was passed on from student to teacher as an esoteric technique for connecting with the higher self.

Proving Astral Projection Scientifically

Today, many of the beliefs that we carry are grounded in scientific evidence. Seemingly impossible phenomena, such as psychic abilities, remote viewing, out of body experiences, and also astral projection, must be explained. There is scientific evidence to support the instance of these experiences, including astral projection. However, part of what a person experiences – for instance on a journey through the astral world – can never be mapped out methodically. Think of it this way, a psychic born with superior intuitive abilities isn’t going to tell you that she read a study somewhere that proved that people could be psychic and then decided to become a psychic. The people that are able to tap into these all-knowing art forms do so with a certain amount of blind faith.

Nonetheless, there is some research to suggest that astral projection is a real phenomenon. For those still asking is astral projection real? a study published in Science magazine in 2007 proved that astral projections can be induced. The researcher, Dr. Henrik Ericsson from the UCL Institute of Neurology, developed a method for prompting health participants to have out of body experiences.

Can You Astral Project?

is astral projection real?The only thing stopping you from experiencing astral projection is your own uncertainty. In fact, the principal obstacle faced by first-time astral projectors is their own fear. Astral projection is a technique which requires a certain amount of education and training. Today, there are materials available to help people educate themselves; knowledge is the gateway to enabling astral projection. Someone who has lingering reservations about astral projection actually can’t take that first step to train properly until his or her mind is open to the limitless potential of the experience.

So is astral projection real? It’s up to you to make up your mind. The evidence is out there – historically and scientifically, out of body experiences are explainable. Of course, you can choose what you want to believe, and if you want to turn on your own ability to experience astral projection, you are the one who needs to overcome uncertainty. Through a thorough knowledge of the fundamentals of the practice, you can effectively train yourself to experience the infinite possibilities at your disposal through astral projection. Addressing any uncertainties you may have is the first step towards enabling yourself to take your first astral journey.

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