Astral Sex – Stimulation That’s Out of This World

Astral SexAstral projection is a thrilling experience. Regardless of what transpires on your journey out-of-body, astral projection gives you the opportunity to explore unfathomable spheres of existence, delve into your past, access your future, and transform yourself spiritually.

Believe it or not, astral projection can also improve your sex life. Through astral projection you can experience a totally new kind of intercourse. Astral sex, between two consenting adults, is the only way to merge your energy with your partner’s. Through the fusion of your cosmic selves, you and your partner are able to reach a new level of spiritual connectedness. And of course, in the astral realm beings aren’t subject to the laws of gravity – astral sex allows you to experience intercourse without physical limitations.

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Sexual Encounters in the Astral Realm

You’ve experienced sex in the earthly realm. While it can be a mutually pleasurable and fulfilling experience, at times there is something lacking. Have you ever felt so close to a person that sex wasn’t enough? Although sex in the material world does enable a special kind of intimacy, at the end of the day it’s a physical experience. When you truly feel close to someone, you want to be able to connect with that person on a spiritual level. Astral sex is an expression of divine love.

Astral sex is similar to sex in the physical world in that it involves your energy. When you operate from a level of cosmic awareness, exchanging sexual energy with someone is different than in the physical world. It is a total merging of two beings, and every astral body is completely flexible, totally intuitive, and selfless. Restrictions such as gender roles, positions, and sexual inhibitions are obliterated in the astral plane, instead sex partners experience ecstasy through the exchange of their spirits.

In order to learn how to facilitate astral sex in the astral realm, you first need to learn how to astral project. You should not attempt to have astral sex the first time you astral project. You need to let yourself become a practiced astral projector before you attempt intercourse in the astral plane. Once you’ve entered the astral realm several times and you have some control over the places you visit and the people you encounter, you can try astral sex.

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Your Partner and You in the Astral World

In order to have astral sex, you’ll need a consenting partner. Astral sex is not an opportunity to fantasize about intercourse you would like to have sex with in the real world – instead, it’s a chance to get closer to someone you are already intimate with. When you have astral sex with someone from the astral world who has not given consent, you will attract negative karmic energy in the astral world. Your actions will have consequences, even in the astral world. As such, you should try your best to ensure that every sexual experience you have in the astral world is consensual, respectful, and based in a sense of mutual understanding and a desire to increase intimacy.

How to Experience Astral Sex

astral sexThe easiest way to facilitate sex in the astral plane is to actually go about having sexual intercourse with your partner. Both individuals must focus on astral projecting during sex, and they can then enter the astral world. Once in the astral realm partners will experience the spiritual expression of sexual intercourse. Astral intercourse can also be achieved through mutually consenting partners who are separated by distance, so long as both plan to enter the astral world at the same time.

The benefits of astral sex are truly limitless. Not only will you experience a more profound sense of intimacy with your partner, but you will also enable yourself to spice up a dull and boring sex life. Astral sex can be experienced anywhere, from the edge of the solar system, to a deserted tropical island, to your own home, if that’s what you choose. The sexual liberation that astral sex enables can rejuvenate a stale relationship through spiritual understanding. Astral projection is your stepping stone to scintillating and spiritually transformative astral sex.

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