Astral Projection Stories And Experiences

Astral projection is a technique for inducing an out-of-body experience. Although astral projection has been accomplished by numerous figures throughout history, including spiritual leaders, gurus, healers, and prophets, it is only recently that the general public have become aware of this practice. With the proliferation of knowledge about astral projection, people everywhere are able to experience awe-inspiring journeys to the spiritual realm. When you astral project, your spirit actually leaves your body for a period of time. It embarks on a trip through the astral plane, where everything is immaterial and experiences are laden with emotional transcendence. Astral travelers are freed from the shackles of human suffering and pain.

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Despite the infinite possibilities enabled through astral travel, many people have their reservations about this particular phenomenon. The difficulty lies in articulating exactly how it feels to be an astral traveler and what happens in the astral world. Since astral projection is a different experience for everyone, it can be hard to share. Astral projection stories and experiences should be communicated to break down the myths surrounding this exciting practice. The following firsthand account may provide a glimpse as to the powerful nature of astral projection:

A Trip to the Spiritual Realm

By Alie Wyle

astral projection Ali WylieMy first conscious out-of-body experience was very simple, but I’ll always remember it for the joy it gave me. At the time I had been studying my dreams for a while and I wanted to learn how to lucid dream at will. My desire at the time was to expand my inner knowledge, to be able to contact the part of me that is not physical – my higher source. My OBE was spontaneous.

One night I woke up inside my sleeping body feeling a marvelous sensation: vibrations that I would describe as fizzy. I could see a little light coming through the blinds. As I focused on the window, I suddenly found myself floating near the ceiling. I had read about out of body experiences, so I was aware of what was happening to me and I was not afraid. I felt wonderful, weightless, and full of joy. Movement was difficult and I soon returned to my body. The vibrations were like thousands of minuscule electric shocks, but they were not painful. I managed to get out of my body again and once more I found myself floating near the ceiling. The same sensation of lightness and freedom filled me. Then I re-entered my body and woke up fully, both mind and body. When I went back to sleep again, I was excited for what had happened. I wanted to tell everyone but I was hesitant; I wasn’t sure if people would take me seriously.

Despite that, I felt so good, as if I had opened up a path to that part of myself that I had been missing, the spiritual nourishment that I had longed for. I’ve been experiencing astral travel on a regular basis ever since that first time. I’ve found my inner button.

We can all have out of body experiences to expand our consciousness. It is, of course, not the only way to grow spiritually, but for me it’s the way that works. Since I began my inner journey, my synchronicities have increased: I’m able to find lost objects, solve problems, and meet the right people at the right time. Life has become easier. Through my connection to my inner source of intuition, my life flows more smoothly. That first time was the beginning of a wonderful adventure into my true self.

After practicing astral projection – reading, listening, and watching whatever I could find on the subject – I managed to visit the astral plane. I was out-of-body and I tried to cut out all thoughts, I repeated ‘no thoughts, no thoughts’ then I focused my attention. I moved through a dark tunnel but I wasn’t scared. I was me, but not Ali me, nor any other individual personality; I was who I really am.

Astral Projection stories and experiencesI felt the universe. But it was more than that – I was the Universe and even more. I felt the presence of God, the Source, the All (whatever name you wish to use) but it wasn’t as if he/she/it was ‘there’ and I was ‘here,’ it was all encompassing and all one, with no beginning and no end. All the distractions of my physical body no longer existed – I was beyond everything. This amazing experience seemed to last only moments, yet there was no time; time did not exist. I struggle for words because there are no words to describe what I was experiencing. It was wonderful – that’s how I describe it now. However, at the time, from the point of view of consciousness, it was all quite normal, it was just how things were. From the point of view of Ali Wylie, human on Earth, it was beyond incredible.

People are encouraged to share their astral projection stories and experiences. Astral projection can be a truly inspirational experience for everyone, but sharing knowledge is the first step to overcoming any fears you may have. Your own pathway to spiritual enlightenment will undoubtedly look different than that of even your closest friends or family members. Nonetheless, everyone can learn to effectively “turn on” this ability. If you’d like to experience a new realm of your existence, take some time to learn more about astral projection today.

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