Ask Steve (Volume 2): Can Smoking Affect Astral Projection? Using Astral Projection to See the Future and many more

Hi guys,

Thank God its Friday – Again! :) I have been longing to answer the questions about astral projection which are pouring from all directions..Watch the video presentation below with my responses to your questions.

Also, don’t forget to leave your comments as well as questions for the coming weeks.

Here are the questions that I have answered in the video:

1. Will a person who smokes find it more difficult, than a person who does not smoke, to astral project?

2. As I try to communicate with my astral body, I can imagine it doing what I say, but I don’t feel a real connection or pathway to direct it according to the meditation. How do I find the pathway to direct my astral body?

3. Can you see what is going to happen in the future?

4. Can I use remote viewing/remote influencing in conjunction with astral projection?

5. My problem is that after I relax my body and surround myself with white light I do get the nice tingling sensation and also spinning sensation but that is about it. What usually happens then is that while I feel the heaviness of my body I also begin to feel really really uncomfortable and as hard as I try not to move I eventually need to move my body because the feeling becomes so unbearable. Why does this happen? What is the solution to this?

6. When one is astral traveling…how does one know the difference between imagination, and the reality of astral projection?

Here are my responses:

You can also watch this video on YouTube.

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