Astral Projection & Remote Viewing: What’s The Difference?

I often practice both astral projection and remote viewing. Often, I have acquaintances ask me this question: What’s the difference?

Anne has shared an informative piece on her site about the astral projection versus remote viewing. It’s similar to how I often explain the differences and I thought you’d find this interesting.

Anne’s Take On Astral Projection VS Remote Viewing

Astral projection is placing your consciousness into the astral plane.

Remote viewing is placing your consciousness into the earth plane, or what is sometimes called an “earth projection”.

These two planes are different in that they do not share the same vibrations. The astral is “finer” and can include a much broader range of frequencies. Whenever you have finer vibrations, the bandwidth for perception is greater (colors, sounds, entities, etc.)

When you astral project, you may or may not see other life forms, lower astral entities or higher entities. You may also detect radio and television waves. Your vision in the higher planes will include a broader range of light. None of this is the case with remote viewing. When remote viewing, you will see the same range of colors, objects, and frequencies, as you would during normal physical awareness. With astral projection, you may see “astral junk” as this is the emotional plane and form follows thought. The only “overlay” with remote viewing is that sometimes the time dimension overlaps and you will see an object that does not currently exist because it “will” exist in the future. As an example, you may see a building on a field, yet that building does not currently exist, only to find out in a few years time, the building has been built. This instance has been cited several times. This is why remote viewers have to master “time lines”.

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