Does Astral Projecting Get Easier With Each Attempt?

astral-projetcion-techniques Ask me this question a few years ago and I would have told you yes.

In fact, I would have told you to practice every single day to be better at it. Once your astral body  gets used to losing its magnetic hold over your physical body, astral projection will get a whole lot easier. William Buhlman said so in some of his books.

Now, if you ask me, I can’t say I’m so sure that’s the case anymore.

I have a theory . You might not like it but I’m going to tell you anyway because I feel this may help you understand more about why astral projection is harder for some people and a snap for others.

What I once thought was ‘easier with practice’ could actually be ‘easier with age‘.

I believe that what makes astral projection easier over time is…well…time.

Hear me out. The older we get, the easier it is for us to leave our physical body. As we get older, we start a downhill life cycle. Our magnetic hold on our body becomes weaker over time.

I’ve discovered that younger people struggle more with astral projection. I am not saying it’s impossible but it does take a lot more effort. This is because young bodies are filled with energy and vitality. this energy creates magnetism.

On the other hand, older people like Robert Monroe only started astral projecting at a much later stage in life. This is because the links are weaken with age and the body’s weak magnetism allows the owner to astral project with ease.

Sick people can also project a lot easier like the famous projector Sylvan Muldoon. I’ve received emails from people who found projection easy while they were sick in bed, but as soon as they were healthy, they could not experience astral projection.  If it was based on repeated projections alone, they would have continued to be able to leave their body after they regained their health.

Astral projection also becomes easier when you are in a groggy state from too much sleep, under the influence of drugs, in deep relaxation as in deep meditation, or when you have fasted. All these causes the link to be weakened. It also comes easy for young children because the hold they have over their body is still weak.

The only thing that makes it easier with “experience” is that you get good at knowing how to take advantage of such things as the vibrations, knowing how to get away from your body and mastering concentration. It takes practice to focus the mind, but the rest of it is up to your body.

Of course this depends on the individual. Some people find it easier to lose hold over their astral body and can project easily, even at a very young age. It all comes naturally to them. But these are the exceptions.

If it doesn’t come as naturally to you, practice would be the next best thing. The more you practice and learn how to control your mind, the better you will be at it.

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