Astral Plane – A World Of Ethereal Being

As we enter the twenty-first century, with all its overwhelming confusion, stresses and disheartening material disappointments, it has come as no great surprise to learned people around the world that more and more people are looking inwards and turning to ancient spiritual practices with which to make order of their lives. We all sense a feeling of imbalance, of disconnection between body, mind and spirit, and as such, many of us are taking positive steps towards discovering what is possible with our other, etheric and astral forms. If you are reading this, the chances are you are just beginning your journey of self-discovery, and are relatively new to the world and concept of astral projection. Don’t worry, you’re in safe hands, and have a wealth of knowledge, which stretches back thousands of years and has survived the rise and fall of empires and civilizations at your disposal!


However, in all likelihood, your mind is riddled with questions and doubts. This is completely normal and natural – after all, you’ve spent your entire life inside this physical, material realm, and the idea that one can leave your physical body with the power of the mind seems almost absurd. However, that is the essence of astral projection; a practice which has been enjoyed by millions which involves simply allowing your eager spirit to guide you through a non-concrete realm, a metaphysical world known as the astral plane. All preconceptions of what is ‘real’ can be quickly left behind once the doors to another, higher realm are opened by your own will, and can be revisited any time you wish.

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Perfect Questions, Perfect Answers

astral body in planeThe very fact that you are asking questions is a highly positive sign that you are ready to begin exploring the possibilities that astral projection can provide. Those who don’t have a naturally enquiring mind often find it difficult to find the willpower and visualizations necessary for a complete projection, and thanks to the vast amounts of knowledge, witness reports and true life testimonies which are available, almost any question can be answered satisfactorily. What can one see in the astral plane? What does the astral traveller do there? What types of people or beings can one come across? All of these questions are regular asked by the novice traveller, and whilst other astral travellers are often willing to share their experiences, nobody who has encountered the astral plane will tell you what you will encounter there.


The reason for this is simple. We are all different people with vastly different souls and personal experiences, and as such, we all carry a different ‘astral passport‘. As such, a question such as ‘What can one do in the astral plane’ is something, which nobody can accurately tell to another human being, especially one who is attached to the material world and the material senses, which we use here. When you make the conscious effort and decision to leave your tangible body behind, and travel through the astral plane as a transcendental spirit, you will quickly realize that there is no justifiable way that you could describe your encounters and experiences to the uninitiated. It becomes immediately apparent that the very language we use in the material world relies on our material senses, and as such, could never do justice to what you see and feel outside of the material world.


What is the Astral Plane?

astral plane So, just what is the astral plane? We often hear talk about the astral body, astral travel and worlds in popular culture, song lyrics, fantasy films and general esoteria, and as such, many people have possibly been slightly put off by the impression it is just another fanciful piece of New Age nonsense. A little bit of delving and research will quickly reveal that this simply isn’t the case, and that the astral body and astral planes have been discussed and researched by some of history’s greatest minds, deepest thinkers and most inspirational characters for several thousand years. Indeed, the founders of modern thought and philosophy, Plato and Aristotle, regularly referred to the astral plane as a justification of all that they saw around them. Most of Plato’s strongest theories were based on his belief that for everything we see and encounter in the material world, there is another, stronger, perfect and incorruptible version which exists just beyond the realm of our perception, made from his ‘fifth’ element, and evident to all people, everywhere. Both Plato and Aristotle received thousands of questions from hordes of people in the forums of ancient Greece on these subjects, which made people begin to truly question what it was their spirit or soul was really constructed from, and where their spirit or soul resided, and what the connection was between body, mind and spirit. The most satisfying conclusion at the time was that another plane of existence had to exist where everything was liberated and perfect, and that our imperfect and limited realm was something of an inaccurate copy, a warped reflection.


Astral Travel in Indian Philosophy

meditation in indiaHowever, it wasn’t simply the philosophers of Greece and the Classical world whose minds were tuning in to the existence of the Astral Plane. All over the globe, wherever great civilizations rose in harmony with their surroundings, there was mention and thought regarding a world, which exists alongside the one which we see and feel, hear, touch and smell. It isn’t difficult to understand why – once religion or society is formed and is in a mode of relatively safety and calm, the human mind is always going to look around itself and consider unanswered questions regarding our reality and perception of reality. If there is one country, which is synonymous with soul-searching, philosophy and an understanding of the human spirit, it is India. As such, it comes as no surprise to see that belief in the astral plane and regular contact with the astral and transcendental body is a key and fundamental aspect of not just Indian religious practices, but of Indian daily life!


It is a highly important concept within all branches of Hinduism to recognize that this material world we live in is nothing more than Maya, or illusion. Such concepts can be found in Holy Scriptures such as the Vedas and the Mahabharata, which are thought to be some of the oldest and most important texts in the world, which offer exclusive and accurate information regarding finding personal peace, balance and liberation from material existence. According to ancient and respected Indian holy men, not only is this world nothing more than a plane of shadows, limitations and illusions, but our physical bodies are nothing more than vessels in which our ‘real’ everlasting and perfect form resides for a period of time – a shell or physical home for our astral bodies. In all Asian subcontinental religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and more, the astral plane is written about extensively as a real and existing place we are able to travel to and reside within. This plane of spiritual existence has been encountered through meditation by millions upon millions of travellers over millennia, and many of them offered their experiences through the medium of religious texts, songs and mantras. All of them unanimously agree that this astral plane of being is somewhere perfect, free from limitation, impenetrable to pain or suffering, and bathed in peace and tranquility – exactly the types of descriptions an astral traveller of the twenty-first century would give you, were you to ask.


Life in the Astral Plane

life in astral planeThe astral plane is nothing short of a brave new world, a shining and perfect new frontier awaiting your exploration, any time you choose to visit it. As many testimonies show, astral travellers find the transition between the tangible and transcendental planes easier and easier as they continue to practice and explore going there, and quickly come to the realization that their astral bodies and spirits had, for all their lives, craved release, and desired to find liberation from their restrictive material bodies. Once we come to understand that astral travel is something that an important component of our bodies longs to do, needs to do, then the practice itself grows simpler and more natural.


Any astral traveller will be quick to tell you that when you begin your journey into the astral plane, you can’t carry any expectations with you. Openness is your greatest gift along the way, and at least for the first times, you simply cannot use your experiences in the material world as any sort of point of reference for the astral plane. When you do eventually find yourself liberated from your material form, you may indeed find yourself in a familiar time or place, somewhere, which closely resembles all that you, previously knew. Conversely, you may well find yourself somewhere completely new, utterly unfamiliar, and somewhere in which the rules you came to take for granted were merely illusion, and hold no dominion over your astral body. The astral world regularly surprises and shocks, and provides experiences, sights and sensations, which are far beyond anything you could previously imagine. Once we let go of our physical bodies, we must also immediately let go of the physical world they were born within – the astral world is something quite different, and endlessly unlimited. The restrictions of material reality become distant memories; you’ll grow surprised that you ever had so much faith in them. Furthermore, as your essence, your thoughts, feelings and accumulated experience (that is, what makes you who are really are) will have free reign to act as your guide, your navigator and driver. It is this which makes astral travel and the astral plane itself something truly individual, personal and deeply special and profound.


flyingThe limitless possibilities of travel into the astral realm become immediately apparent to each and every person who finds themselves there. It isn’t unusual to encounter people and situations, places and happening from past, present and future – often combined in seemingly impossible myriad ways which defy our previous understanding of time, cause and effect. Not only this, but you may come across people and places which you would never encounter in the material world, and you will find that distance and the passing of time become mere illusions, yet more things which fade into insignificance and can be manipulated easily and effortless by your will. For many people, venturing into this new realm without limitations and in which literally anything is possible can be somewhat frightening. This is perfectly understandable and normal, and the realization that the world in which we have lived and struggled and suffered as a result of the restrictions and difficulties, which fill it, are merely illusion can be deeply shocking. However, as with all things, practice and patience bring about perfection, and before long, your comfort in the astral realm will greatly increase. You’ll begin to gain a greater understanding of your existence, the meaning of your life and your place within these ever expanding universes and planes that we inhabit. Every time you astral project and encounter the astral realm, such understanding and revelations will increase, and you’ll find the transition grow more comfortable, and your knowledge of how to navigate this world will come naturally and beautifully.


Discovering the Astral World


Although it isn’t possible to carry expectations with you when you first begin to explore the astral realm, you are perfectly able to (and entitled to) immediately begin seeking answers to the questions, which gnaw at the soul of every sensitive person who feels frustrated by the material world they inhabit. Indeed, by focusing on various queries and problems you would like to resolve whilst preparing to exit your physical body and release your astral form, you can allow these questions to come to the fore of your subconscious. This will become a driving force within your astral form, and you will find yourself exploring such questions once liberated from this plane of existence. The astral plane is the most complete and excellent source of knowledge, information and answers regarding the material world, and access to this knowledge is as unlimited as anything else you encounter there. As such, any astral traveller will tell you that the absolute highlight of their explorations into the astral world is the ability to develop clarity of understanding and a greater sense of empathy in regards to the tangible world. You can quickly and easily find either the answers to your questions, or more commonly, gain a sense of perspective and enlightenment, which renders your worries and fears insignificant. As your adventures into this personal realm of endless beauty, freedom and opportunity continue, you can delve ever deeper, seek more profound answers and realization, and experience the full wealth of being that enlightenment brings.

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